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Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 16:45:56 +0000
From: James Leete
Subject: My Maquis Lover Part 2Disclaimer:This story is based in the "Star Trek" universe. The use of anything
related to "Star Trek" in this series is not intended to infringe upon the
rights of Paramount Pictures. The author is little handjob directory
in no sex little children
way associated with the
owners, creators, or producers of any nudee little girls
media franchise.All other content or otherwise are works of my own imagination. All events
are fictitious in nature.Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are purely
coincidental.This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if littles kids hardcore this offends
you in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not of
legal age to read this, please leave now.Ok as well before we start this is based on the series Star Trek Voyager
but with a twist from the original story line and i hope you like it.Chapter 2: DinnerI arrived back at my quarters and quickly stripped off and went in little sister cunt the
shower. Having cleaned up I walked back into my bedroom and put on a kinky little teens pair
of jeans and white Ted Baker T-shirt from home along with some white pumps
circa 2008. I was always obsessed with 21st century fashion. As soon as I
was ready I replicated a tablecloth and plates, along with cutlery and
glasses littles girls porno and napkins. I also replicated a candle and placed it Tgp little girl
in the middle
of the table. I programmed the computer for the dishes I had wanted and
hoped he would like. Mostly classic earth cuisine. When 20:00 arrived my
door chimed. "Come in." I called. The door opened and in walked Tom. He was
wearing a pair of light blue jeans with white tank top underneath and open
checked shirt. He looked so hot. "Hey" I said "Hey... wow nice quarters I
guess they treat ensigns pretty well on starships little boy butt these days" he
said. "Thanks I tried my best to make it home. Can I get you something to
drink?" I asked. He held up a bottle of wine. "I brought this hope you like
it. It's Chateau little angles erotica Neuf du Pape. So if you got a corkscrew..." he said. I
replicated one and gave it to him. "This is my favourite wine. I hope you
like what I've got ready for dinner. I've done breaded mushrooms to start
and then Ham and Pineapple pizza with stuffed crust for main course" I told
him. "There two of my favourites. Looks like we're able to read minds. No
dessert?" he asked. "Dessert will be a surprise." I said with little co a smile. He
laughed and blushed slightly. He handed me a glass of wine and I replicated
the first course. Brought it to the table and he helped himself to the
food. We talked about his life in the Maquis and once we had finished the
starter I took the tray back to the replicator and recycled tiny little sex it and
replicated the super large pizza. "So that's when I joined Chakotay's crew
and everything came together for me. What about you? Here I am talking
about myself and I haven't let you speak" russian little porn
he said as I sat the pizza
down. He took two pieces as did I and with my mouth half full I said "Well
what do you want to know?" I said. "Well I know most of your Starfleet
record. I was able to view your service record before coming here so I know
you only just graduated from the academy but tell me more about you" he
said. So from that we ate pizza and I filled him in about my life right up
until voyager conveniently missing out the part that I'm gay, trying not to
scare him off too much. "What did your parents say when they found out you
were gay?" he chimed up as I finished talking. I looked at him pics little and almost
choked on my wine. "WHAT?" I little boy bomb
said "How did you know?" I asked. "Well if you
don't mind me babysitters little pussy
saying so it was kind of obvious when naked little whores I first met you." He
told me. "Well they were cool with it they respected my decision and
haven't said anything about it. They accept me little troublemaker for who I am." I said. "Yeah
that's what my parents were like. I don't really say much about it to the
guys I work with on the Maquis ship but they all know" he came out
with. This time I did choke on my wine going bright red in the face after I
finished coughing. He smiled and I said "What? I'm sorry I had no idea that
you were... and my senses are usually spot russia little sex
on." I said. I was little shaved pussy genuinely gob
smacked. "Well I don't advertise it too much but it doesn't mean that I
hide it either. I mean come on do you really think I'd have said yes
tonight if I wasn't I mean I could totally tell you were trying hard not to
make it sound like you were asking me out. Also I'm surprised you couldn't
tell when I first saw you I couldn't stop looking at you when you first
came into Engineering." He told. I blushed. "Yeah well I won't deny that I
wasn't looking at you too." I said. So after dinner when we had cleared up
and we were sat with our glasses of wine from our littles thumbs
second bottle we got
talking some more. Eventually I checked the time and it was half 10. He
looked at me and said "So what my desert then?" I looked at him and I
honestly thought he was actually talking about desert. blacks little titties
I smiled and said
"Well what do you want and I'll replicate it for you." I said. He looked at
me and said "I want what's sat right in front of me." I stood there my
mouth wide open in shock. "You're very full on aren't you. What makes you
think I'm single?" I asked. "Well considering how cute you are... I willing
to bet you're little no nudes not single in which case I've just made the biggest screw up
of my life. I'm sorry do forgive me I didn't little penis mean to imply that..." I cut
him off by raising his head with my hand and kissing him softly. As we
broke apart he whispered "I guess that answers that question." I smiled and
then we kissed once more this time more passionately his hand roaming my
body whilst mine were nicely playing with his cute round bum. We broke
apart once little chick
more and I led him to the bedroom.We got to the my little pussys bedroom and I lay down on the bed with him climbing on
top. We had both removed our shoes some time earlier whilst we had been
talking. He climbed on top of me and I slowly removed his shirt. He
continued to kiss me and I couldn't help but want to get him naked. He
broke away from me and removed his rompl littles incest tank top showing all his muscles and
perfect body. He then moved away and we ended up kneeling on the bed
opposite each other. He removed my T-Shirt to reveal my 6 pack and
muscles. We continued to kiss until he pushed me back on the bed softly and
removed his own socks before removing mine. Then he slid up the bed and
unbuckled my belt and started to unbutton my jeans. He had them off in no
time leaving me lying there with my just standard issue boxers on and
raging hard on. Now I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here (no pun
intended) but I wouldn't say I'm small downstairs gothic little girls roughly around 8 inches
and Tom could tell this. "Why Mr Carter... we are very excited aren't we
and packing anal little teenies quite a punch I see" he said as he ran his hand across my hard
on sending shivers down my spine. "Oh Mr Walker you love it" I said. He
smiled and peeled back nud little girls my boxers and let my hard on just flop out. He
pulled my boxers completely off leaving me lying there naked. He grabbed
hold of my cock little mermaid characters
and started to slowly jerk me off. Before lowering his
mouth around the head and starting to suck on it slowly his head bobbing up
and down. He was like a pro because he was just so good making me feel
alive. As he continued to work his way up and down my cock I could feel
myself getting close. "I'm getting close" I announced. He sped up sucking
faster until I felt myself just release my load in his mouth and he slowly
gulped and swallowed the whole lot. Now it was my turn I thought. He came
back up and I could feel his cold belt buckle pressing against my
stomach. He kissed me and I could taste myself in his mouth. I wrapped my
legs around him before spinning him over with me on top this time. "Your
gonna have to show me how you did that" he said. I smiled little miss and worked my way
down his body and removed his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and took them
off. I then took off his boxers and let loose an 8.5 inch cock. "You're not
so small yourself Tom" he smiled. I little naked pussies started to jerk him off and saw his
face light up. I formed an oval with my mouth and moving forward over his
dick. I only managed about six inches, but I didn't want to mess up on my
first dirty little seacret
time. I slowly moved back and forth, sucking on him lightly. I
continued to flick my tongue over his tip, causing him to jump in my
mouth. I could hear little pregnant porno his breathing become quicker and louder and I guessed
that he was going to cute little kitties
shoot. I felt him swell on my tongue before the first
shot hit the back of my throat with quite some little russian foto force, his second and third
felt as powerful as his first. I swallowed it down as he came. He lasted
for another couple of seconds little dirty teens before he slowed to a dribble and softened
slightly. I moved off his cock and swept my tongue around little girl kelsie my mouth, tasting
him. I leaned forward and cleaned him with my tongue. Once he was clean, I
licked my way back up little people fucking to his face and kissed him again. I moved off him and
as he shuffled across on to one of the pillows and me on the other. We were
looking into each other's eyes. His were piercing blue and the most
gorgeous eyes I'd ever seen. "Wow." He said "That was amazing. You really
have got talent with that tongue of yours." he said smiling at me. "You're
not too bad yourself" I teenage little pussie
said. "There used to be an old earth tradition
called an after sex cigarette I don't suppose you've heard of that have
you?" he asked me. Of course I had and I always wanted to try it. "Yeah I
have actually. Did you want a cigarette like?" I asked. "Only if you're
cool with it." He said. Bless him. I rose and went to porn little cuties the replicator and
checked the database. I hot little pepper found a brand called Mayfair and replicated them. I
then found an ash tray in the database and replicated that too. I grabbed
the lighter I had used to light the candle with from the table and headed
back to bed to see Tom lying there. I sat next to him. I tossed him the
cigarettes and he said "Alright. I'm not a heavy smoker but I have done it
before a few times." He said to me. "Yeah same here" I said. He opened the
pack and pulled one out for himself and one out for me and lit his own and
then lit little rascals actors mine. "Computer adjust the environmental controls to filter out
the cigarette smoke from the room and also remove the smell." I
ordered. With that the fans activated and started to remove the smoke. We
continued to smoke and it was really relaxing and nice and he was so hot
when he was naked. "Does little rock
this mean you're staying the night?" I asked. "Do
you want me to?" he asked back "Yeah I do if you do" I replied. "Then I
know where I'm sleeping tonight he said." I ordered the computer to wake me
at 05:30 as we both had to be up and underground little girl on duty at 07:00. Having finished our
cigarettes we stubbed them out and the little girl hairstyles computer slowly released an air
spray in to the room to remove the cigarette odour and get rid of all the
smoke before deactivating the fans. I fell asleep in Tom's arms feeling the
happiest guy in the world. Here I was with my new lover. My Maquis Lover.When the computer woke me at 05:30 I woke to find Tom with his head on my
stomach still fast asleep. He looked so cute when he slept. I didn't want
to spoil this moment but I nudged him slightly and he woke up "Good
Morning" I said. He smiled and said "Good morning. That was some night." I
smiled and said "Come on we need to get up" We rose out of bed and headed
into the bathroom and I said "Computer activate the sonic shower and
re-calibrate for a two person shower." The computer chirped in response and
we stepped into the shower and with moments the sonic pulse removed all our
sweat and dirt instantly. Once the shower was complete we headed back into
the bedroom and he smiled and said "Oh how I want to just climb back into
bed with you and just have a full re-make of last night" I blushed and said
"Oh how I wish we could but I need to get to my engine room and make sure
the night crew haven't blown up the core." He smiled and we got dressed. lo little teen
had transported his uniform from his quarters. I checked the time and it
was 06:00. After kissing him deeply we left my quarters and headed into the
mess hall together. We walked in and saw Captain girls little nude Janeway little pussy picture sat eating her
breakfast, when Tom got a call over the comm. "Tom its Chakotay can you
head to the shuttlebay we need your help here with the impulse reactor." He
sighed and said "On my way sir." He looked at me and said "I'm sorry but
ill contact you when I go for lunch and we can have lunch together. In the
mean time I'll see you soon probably. Enjoy Breakfast" I smiled and said
"Sure see you soon." He walked out and I headed to replicator and spoke
aloud "Poached egg on toast and a cup of black coffee" The blue lights littlegirls 12yo spun
around and my little kind girls meal was made. I picked it up out the replicator and turned
and looked around for somewhere to sit. The captain ushered me over and
said "Won't you join me Ensign" I smiled and said "Thank you captain." I
sat with her and she turned to me and said "So am I going to have to force
it out of you or are you going to tell me." She smiled and I looked at her
confused. "Well there has to be some reason why you walked into the mess
hall with one our Maquis guests and with a huge grin on your face" she
said. I looked at her tiny little panties and said "Is it that obvious?" I asked. "So I'm
willing to guess that you did just spend last night with that incredible
handsome rapeing little girls young man and are upset that he had to leave. What's his name?"
she little bill cartoons
asked. "Tom Walker" I replied "And yes we did spend last night
together. It was incredible captain I mean asian porno little
he's just so lovely" I said with
the huge grin on my face that I hadn't been able to lose since last night
"well good look ensign but just take precautions" she said "Yes ma'am" I
said. I then turned to her and said little girls body "Tell me to mind my own business but am
I right in thinking you're engaged?" I asked her. "Yes as a matter of fact
I am. I'm due little white pussy to get married when we complete this mission, that's assuming
I can get little teen erotica this ship back to earth anytime soon" she replied. We continued
to talk for a few minutes and then I checked the time and realised it was
06:55. "Well captain" I said "Thank you for breakfast, but my engine room
does wait for no man" She laughed and said "Yes as does my bridge" We
walked out of the mess hall together when she was stopped in the corridor
by a crewman giving her a report. "I'll check in with you later Ensign" she
called after me. I nodded and headed into the turbolift and down to
engineering.I walked in and found the place to be in a much better condition than it
was when I left it. "Report?" I asked. Ensign O'Neil came up and said "Well
as you can see we managed to get the place fixed up over night. There are
only two things left and the ship should be back to normal operating
standards. But there two of the biggest jobs. illinois little lotto Re-calibrating the
Anti-Matter injectors and re-activating the warp core." She told me. "Well
that's not so bad. We little boobs
can cold start the warp core very easily" I said with
a smile. "So how was last night?" I looked at her and said "I don't know
what you're talking about" I walked off with a cheesy grin on my face and
she stood there shaking her head before walking out and heading for her
quarters. Most of that morning went quickly. By the time 11:45 arrived the
anti-matter injectors were almost ready to go. I was busy hanging over the
edge of warp core trying not to fall straight to the bottom when I heard a
voice above me "You know that if you fell down there the only way to get
you back up would be to eject the core and hope you don't get blown out
into space" I was so annoyed because I couldn't get a power coupling
aligned that I said "Well thank you for your opinion crewman but just go
back to whatever your meant to be doing" He heard him laugh and say "Well I
would but I'm not a part of your staff" I turned my head and looked up to
see Tom stood over me. He smiled and pulled me up "Well aren't you a sight
for sore eyes" I remarked. "Lunch? I heard you had a busy morning" I smiled
and said "Your on" At that we headed up to the mess hall and walked into
see Captain Janeway and Commander Tuvok eating lunch. She noticed me and
Tom walk in and smiled. "Janeway to Carter. Sorry to pull you away Ensign
but I just heard that the warp core is ready to breach and your needed in
Engineering" I knew she was joking and said "Well captain sorry to say I'm
on lunch the core is going to have to do without me" She laughed. "Join us
when you got your lunch." I smiled at her and said "Yes ma'am. Carter out"
Tom laughed and went to a replicator and ordered his food. "Chicken Pasta
Alfredo and a black coffee" I little sex pisc ordered. My meal suddenly appeared and I
headed over to the captain's table with Tom. "May we join you or do I need
to eject the warp core" I said. She smiled and japan little tits
said "Please" I sat down
with Tom opposite me sat next to Tuvok. "Tuvok I don't believe you have met
Ensign Carter our temporary chief engineer" she said "Pleased to meet you
Ensign" he said. "Likewise commander" I replied. "Captain, Mr Tuvok may I
present Tom Walker a member of littles boys nude
the Maquis crew" I said. "Pleased to meet
you Mr Walker, Jack has informed me that you were on board and that you two
had become friends." The captain replied. He blushed and said "An honour
captain. I know by reputation only of course" She smiled and said "Thank
you" We chatted for a while before I said little porn teens "Oh Captain by the way we should
be able to bring the core back online by 15:00, assuming of course I can
get the thing to initiate from a little girls hairstyles cold start" "Very good Ensign I'll join
you after lunch to see if I can lend a hand" I smiled and said "We'd be
honoured sir" Once we had finished lunch the four of us left and Tuvok
entered one turbolift and went to the bridge, whilst Myself, Tom and the
Captain entered little nn pics
another to tiny little nudist head for Engineering." Once we arrived on Deck
11 we all exited the Turbolift and Tom said daddies little girl
"I'd better get back to the
Shuttlebay we'll be ready to launch soon" I smiled and said "Okay, well
I'll see you later" I turned to leave when he grabbed me by the arm and
kissed me. The Captain smiled and once we had broken our kiss I walked
along with her to littles nudist Engineering still little boy sweet grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Not too
much of a public display their Ensign" I smiled and the little things
said "Sorry sir" She
laughed and said "No need to apologise". We entered engineering and
everyone was hard at work, as I approached the warp core and took a look at
the readings of the Anti-Matter Injectors they were aligned and ready. So
as I walked towards to warp diagnostic console I entered my command code
and brought up the start up routine for the core. I checked through to make
sure the systems were fully ready to be activated before activating the
warp core. "Warp core is about to come online. Captain could you monitor
the anti-matter flow. Ensign Gates monitor nude little art the dilithium reaction makes
sure it stays constant." Everyone manned the post that they were assigned
too. "Warp core coming online in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" I announced. At that the
warp core came online. I checked my pad and tricorder. "Matter, Anti-Matter
reaction online and stable. Injector cells aligned. Looks like we've got
warp drive back" Captain Janeway smiled at me and said "Very good Ensign,
as soon as the Maquis are ready to go we can head to warp. We have picked
up a debris field not far from here and we wish to explore it. If you want
you can head down to the little cameltoe shuttlebay to give your... erm friends a hand. I'm
meeting with Chakotay soon anyway so they won't be leaving for at least
another hour." "Yes little girls porn
ma'am" I replied. At that I called to Ensign Gates and
said "Ensign you're in charge until I get back".With that I headed for the turbolift and headed for Deck 10 whilst the
captain was heading for the Bridge. As soon as I arrived in the shuttlebay
Tom came running out of his little ship which was nicely docked and said
"What little melissa nude the hell are you doing here?" He smiled and I said "I'm here to help
you slow coaches' get your ship back together." He laughed and said "Well
considering all we have to do is wait for the warp coils to charge then we
will be ready to go to warp. The core is online and so when the coils are
charged we can leave. But they won't be ready until morning. So Chakotay
has donna littlepage given us all the rest of the day off. Could I tempt you to a little girls underware
he asked me. I turned to him and said "Yeah that would be nice but before
we do that I need to see the captain." I replied. He looked at me and said
"Okay well let's go." At that we headed out of the shuttlebay and into a
turbolift. "BRIDGE!" I called out. At that the turbolift sprung into action
and very quickly we headed up to bridge and sure enough we stepped out on
to the bridge. I walked to the captain's ready room and hit the door
chime. "Come in." The captain said. I walked into the ready room with Tom
behind and we saw the captain sat at her desk with Chakotay. "Yes Ensign
what can I do for you?" she asked. "Well sir, the Maquis ship is almost
ready to go all we have to do is wait for the warp coils to charge which
will finish in the morning so I was wondering if I could take the rest of
the day off as engineering is pretty quiet and the staff down there are
just running a diagnostic on the tactical array so it's very quiet" little asian nudes I
explained to her. "Of course Ensign, Permission granted take the rest of
the day off and relax seen as you've both finished your tasks and Chakotay
gave Tom the day off then spend some time with each other." I smiled and
said "Thank you ma'am. See you in the morning" At that we walked out the
ready room, hand in hand and headed for the turbolift. As we walked into
the lift and headed for deck 2 towards the mess hall, he pulled me in for a
nice deep kiss. As soon as the doors opened we broke the kiss and headed
into the mess hall. I walked up to a replicator and spoke "Coffee Black and
1 slice of New York Cheesecake." The lights spun and I picked out my plate
and cup to see that Tom had already sat down with a hot littlegirl fuck chocolate and slice
of chocolate fudge cake. I walked up and sat next to him. "So what are your
plans for tonight?" he asked me. "Well that depends on what you're doing
tonight?" I replied. He smiled and said "Well I was sexy little boys thinking maybe we could
head to the holodeck and run a program" he told me. I smiled and said "Yeah
sure ill book some time when we get back to my quarters." I said. joung little pussy We
continued to talk some more when Tom Paris walked in and went to the
replicator and ordered something. He came and sat with us and said "Well,
well, well if it isn't our latest love birds on the ship" I smiled and said
"Hey Tom how's it going?" He said "Yeah I'm good the captain finally let me
have some lunch instead of sitting and listening to her and Chakotay
arguing over which course to plot" I laughed and was about to reply when we
heard through the comm. "Red Alert, All Hands to Battlestations". I quickly
jumped up and saw people looking confused. "Everyone report to your
designated posts immediately that's an order" At that everyone immediately
headed out the mess hall and I went straight to Engineering with Tom right
behind me. We entered a turbolift "Deck 10" said Tom and I said
"Engineering." At that the turbolift sprang into action and in less than 10
seconds we were on Deck 10. He stepped out and the turbolift continued and
less than 3 seconds later I was in Engineering. I ran in and looked around
to see the whole place up in arms "Alright" I shouted. "Everyone go to your
station." At that I went to my station and keyed in the console and
reported to the bridge that we were ready for Red Alert. At that I secured
the warp core and locked down the stations to authorised command codes
only. At that I went back to my station when I heard the captains voice
through the comm. "All Hands this is the Captain, Firstly I would like to
say that this was a red alert drill so we will be standing down from Red
Alert, and secondly I would like to ask all senior officers to report to
the briefing room immediately because that red alert drill was appalling."
She said. At that preeteen little angel I unlocked all consoles from command code only and looked
at Ensign Gates. "Well as the senior officer here little nude xxx I guess I should head to
the meeting. So you're in charge until I get back" At that I headed out of
the engine room and toward the turbolift and walked in. "Deck 1" I called
aloud. In 30 seconds I walked out on to the bridge and looked around to see
Mr Rollands sat in the command chair. "The captain and the other staff are
waiting for you Ensign" he told me. I walked down and into the briefing
room to see all the little vixens shagging staff sat down. "Ah Ensign take a seat. Everyone meet
Ensign Carter he's our temporary Chief Engineer and he's done the right
thing heading here." I sat down and the captain said "Right two things,
firstly the least important part is that by 07:00 the Maquis ship is
heading out of the shuttlebay and will be ready so we will be ready to
investigate that debris field to tgp junior little get some supplies pretteen little pussy
if we can. "Secondly we
need to talk about that Red Alert Drill. Now by Starfleet regulations
everyone should be ready in 1 minute 45 seconds and that drill was way too
high. Everyone was ready to go in 3 minutes 13 seconds which almost
double. If were under attack then we would be nowhere near ready. There are
two areas of the ship that need to be sped up. Firstly Tactical, Mr Tuvok I
realise this is a new ship and you have a new crew but I expect you to have
them ready to go a lot sooner and make sure you devote some time nude little women to
training your staff up more." She said little ass girls "Yes captain." He said "And finally
Engineering, teens little ass Mr Carter I realise that two weeks ago you were a cadet and
you have never had to run a department as large as engineering but your
time was slowest across the ship. Almost 2 minutes for you to report and
then for you to secure the warp core and look down the stations to command
authorisations only was just shocking so what I plan to do is when we get
back to Federation space I'm going to make sure I train you up more and
make sure your ready nude teen little because I'd like to keep you on as my chief
engineer. Good effort Ensign for you very first time." I smiled and said
"Thank you captain that means a lot." "No worries Ensign. Now one last
piece of business is ship board medical reviews, I have spoken with the EMH
and asked how many people have come in for the physicals and it turns out
with the exception of little pepole porn myself only Mr Carter has come in for his out the
senior staff so I'm going to make a ship board announcement to get little little tits
into sickbay at the end of the next duty shift. And make sure you all
attend except you Jack" she said "So if there's nothing further then your
all dismissed." She said and at that I got up and was about to walk out
when the captain said "Ensign can you stick around for a minute?" I looked
around and said "Sure." At that everyone walked out and it was just me and
the captain. "Ensign I need to ask you a question that the EMH brought up
and I need to know some information." I sat down and I said "Okay..." she
looked at little raped
me and smiled and said "Look if you don't want to talk about what
I'm going to say then feel free to tell me to mind my own business, but
everything you say is kept between us..." she paused and then said "On
stardate 38867.2 you were involved in an incident that was very
shocking.. you were at High School at the time I believe when two guys
ambushed you in your High School locker room and assaulted you in a sexual
manner. I need to know if you have completely recovered from that incident
and if you have had any lasting thoughts from it." I looked down and
suddenly thought back to that day and I was almost ready to cry. You see
when I was 14 little hotties in high school everyone knew I was gay and everyone had no
problem little boys underware
with it one bit except for little lolas two guys who were like outcast little cherry nude
One day when I was finishing a gym lesson they had ambushed me and sexually
assaulted me and if it little boysex forum
hadn't been for my gym teacher Mr Longford getting
them away from me I don't know what would have happened. I looked at her
and said "Yes captain I'm fine and it wasn't that serious, they didn't use
penetration but they did force me to do stuff, but I recovered after I went
to see a councillor and they declared me fit. So thank you for your concern
captain but it's nothing to worry about." I cute little sex said. "Very good ensign I just
wanted to make sure that you were okay. Now if you're good then I believe
you have a boyfriend that is waiting for you." I smiled and said "Thank you
sir." At that I walked out and went to my quarters. But first off I had one
stop to make.
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