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Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

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From: Joe Camp
Subject: My Hadrian 4My Hadrian
Part 4
By Joe child nude images Camp idc90hotmail.comWARNING: This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual
acts between boys and with men and boys. The following
story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. Caesar Hadrian
and Antinous are well documented historical figures, as
is their relationship as lovers. Scholars disagree on
certain facts concerning Hadrian and Antinous. Few disagree
as to their relationship. This naturist child pictures story is Fiction, but the
author has tried to keep it to childporn paradise what would be reasonable
for beliefs held exhibitionist child at that time. Please read the preface child wetsuit
more information on the subject. The preface also includes
a glossary of special words used in the story.This story contains sex between a boy and a man. While
these acts were acceptable by social standards 1860 years
ago, today, they are not. The author does not encourage
or condone sex between adults and children. If you are underage, or reading about homosexual acts
between boys or by a sexy childs pussy man and a boy offends you; find
something else, and delete this file. Most historians
agree the relationship started before Antinous was naked children porn 13,
probably sometime around age 11 or 12, and continued to
his death, in his late teens or early twenties. It is
known that Antinous drowned in the Nile. It is debated
if it child candid pic was a sacrifice or an accident. The author wishes to thank and acknowledge the help of
Ronald Staley, in his efforts to keep the general tone of
the story, historically accurate.The nude child picks author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this
story on a web site without the authors permission is a
violation of that copyright.----------------------------------------------------------------My Hadrian
Part 4
The last thing I remember from video porno children
that orgy, was Hadrian fucking
me. I knew it was him, because I child undies
know the feel of his cock too
well. He was pounding into my ass as he moaned and groaned. I
remember him calling out my name, as his cum flooded my
insides. Yes, I know it was my Hadrian, my erastes, making love
to his eromenos. I awoke with the sun streaming through the window, and shining
in my eyes. My stomach was churning, and I knew the gods were
having a fight. I gave them my vow to never again drink that
much wine at an orgy. My head felt worse then when I fell and hit
it on a rock when I was a child. My mouth was so dry, my lips
were chapped and cracked. I had never been so thirsty in all my
12 years. I was covered with so much dried cum, that I smelt bad
even to myself. I had to piss bad, but I didn't think I had the
strength to call Stephen. I was on the floor beside Hadrian's couch, and I could hear him
snoring. Publius was half laying on the Governor, and still asleep.
I was child rompl able to raise myself up on my elbows, and as I glanced
around the room, I noticed xxx russian children many of the guests had left. Stephen was suddenly at my side, and he was holding a goblet to
my sexo children xxx lips. I drank the bitter liquid, as he told me it would soon
make me feel better. I couldn't get more then "piss" out, but
Stephen understood. He was holding a chamber pot, and fucking child girl I rolled
to my side, as he aimed my cock into photos pornochild the pot. It was such child suck porn a relief
to let my stream go. The piss was hitting the pot with such force,
that it whipping children video
was splattering back out onto me and Stephen. I didn't
care. As soon as my stream stopped, I rolled onto my back. It was dark when next I awoke. I was in my own bed, and
realized I had been washed and cleansed. I needed the chamber
pot something terrible. I called for Stephen, and he was soon
there. I was so wobbly, Stephen foto child sex
had to support me as I squatted
over the pot. I farted as much gas as I shit. My child incest thumbs
shit was loose and watery, and
I thought I would be shitting cum for a month. Stephen cleansed
me, and I crawled back into my bed. Stephen had some more of
that bitter drink for me, and since it had made me feel better, I
drank what he children nudist pics offered. childs sex tgp I was glad when Stephen removed the
chamber pot from the room, as it stank something awful. I woke up the next morning, and I felt much better. I had a little
fruit for breakfast, and was in time to enjoy the bath with the
General the beauties child and photos children nudist Aristomachus, before they had to child porn girls leave in order to
return to his post. I was a little sorry to say goodbye to
Aristomachus, as I had no idea when I would ever see him again. The next few days were spent getting ready to leave on our trip.
It would just be a continuation for Hadrian and Publius, but for
me, it was the start of the journey of a lifetime. I didn't have
much to childporno pictures
do, except study about the areas child nudist russia
we childsex guestbook
would see, and the
peoples we would meet. Hadrian had ordered me a litter, with 8 strong slaves to bear it.
When I found out that Hadrian and Publius would be riding horses, I
asked that I be allowed to ride also. The Emperor granted my request.
Hadrian said he preferred to ride a horse, as he could see more of
the country, and understand the problems better. That may be photo porno child
of the reason he is such a great Caesar. We marched to the ships that would take us on our journey, and
it took 4 sailing ships to carry all of the Emperor's nude children bondage
party. There
was a big warship that was nudist childsex foto naked children
to accompany us, and provide
protection for the Emperor. Hadrian said he wanted to inspect adult children rent the warship before we left,
and I asked if I could accompany him, as I had never seen a
warship before. He said he didn't mind if I went along. Even
before we got aboard the warship, I knew anyone attacking our
party would be fools. The warship could ram child toons nude any ship to pieces. It was a mighty ship. Caesar told me it takes almost 500 slaves
working in 2 shifts, to row it. We inspected the cargo holds, and
checked the big jars that were almost bigger then me, that
contained wine and olive oil. They were fat, and about 5 feet long,
with a taper at the top and bottom. They were made of clay, that
had been fired and glazed. The wooden stoppers had been sealed
with wax, and the official's seal had been stamped into the wax,
so anyone would know at a glance if the incest porno childsex pot had been opened.
They were laying in cute child porn the racks that had been built into the ship for
them. The sacks of grain and baskets of fruits were neatly stacked
and secured. I asked Caesar if we could see the rowers, and he asked me if I
really wanted to, as that child sex incest
area stank. I told him I sex hardcore child
would just hold
my nose pinched shut. The galley slaves were chained to their
seats in rows, with six slaves to an oar. There were twenty oars on
each side of the ship. One group of slaves would be resting on the
deck below, as the others rowed. They would be changed about
every eight hours, so the slaves weren't overworked, and the ship
could keep moving day and night. The slaves were packed so
close together, that if one of the rowers farted, he would hit the
rower behind him in the face. The deck did stink with xxx girls child the old
smell of sweaty unwashed men, and I held my nose lolkaz child closed. The slaves were in their 20's and 30's, and I noticed more then
one slave, that I felt it was a pity they had to be rowers. But, it
was the will of child in incest
the gods. russian child porn The muscles on their naked sweaty
chests bulged out, and more then one sex child
was actually beautiful. I
often thank the pregnant children porn
gods that they had me born a freeman. As soon as we were all on board our ships, the sailors raised the
sails, and we started moving in the water. I could hear the slow
beat of russain sex child the nude naked child drum, and the rower's chant, coming across the water,
setting the pace on child mpg the warship. I was so excited, I had to rush
over and give Hadrian a hug. He bent down a little and I gave
him child tgp porn a kiss. He was smiling, as he caressed my butt, and he kissed
the top of my childs fuck gallery
head. I had to once again thank all the gods for
giving me Hadrian as my erastes! There was a gentle roll to the sea that day, childsex real
and Hadrian, Publius,
and I, lay on the deck as our servants gave us a massage.
Traveling by sea is so peaceful and relaxing. It was getting
towards dusk, sick child hentai when we arrived at the sandy beach the ship's
Captain had chosen for our first night's stop. It didn't take the servants long to have Caesar's tent erected, and
he instructed them to not worry about putting up mine or
Publius', as we would all sleep together. It looked as if it would
be a beautiful night, and Hadrian had his bed set up outside his
tent, so we could child porno sample sleep under the stars. It wouldn't be hard for
the servants to pick up the bed and carry it into the tent, if the
weather should turn bad. We swam in the sea, and I had great fun with Hadrian and
Publius. I did miss not being able child pussy fotos to soak in the bath, after
Stephen had cleansed the salt of the sea from me. But, we must
all expect hardships when traveling. We had a leisurely supper, as Hadrian told us about his boyhood.
Hadrian talked of the day he left his home, when he was 10 years-
old, to live at the palace with his uncle, Emperor Trajan. Hadrian
had been adopted non nude children by Trajan, and started his training children fuck free to become
the future Emperor of Rome. Hadrian told child pissing links us that he and Trajan would sometimes have sex,
but he said he felt his real erastes was his tutor Caelius Attianus.
Caelius child nake
was 23 at the time, an aristocrat and a boy childporn pic distant relative. It
was Caelius who taught Hadrian to love all things Greek. He
taught Hadrian how to play chill porn samples the lyre, singing, and dancing. They
studied math, Greek literature, poetry, Greek drama, the stories
of Homer, philosophy, painting and sculpture. Hadrian smiled at childrens seks me, as he told us, childpussy "I was 10, when Caelius
taught me how to please the pleasure gods. We started with my
sucking on Caelius' cock," a dreamy smile came over childs sex pictures our erastes'
face, and I could tell he still missed those times. "It was only a
few days, before I desired to know the feel of a man. I was just as
tight as you were, Antinous, but just as they did for erotica gallery child you, the
feelings the pleasure gods sent after I stopped hurting, was worth
it all." Hadrian stood and held out his hands to Publius and me. We
took his outstretched hands, and sex child free he quietly led us to our bed.
Stephen and childs shoking Publius' servant had removed our tunics, as Hadrian
was still being unwrapped from his toga. We waited until our
erastes had nudist child porno
laid down, then Publius lay on his right, as I child fuck video
lay on his
left. We rolled into his arms, and I was kissing and sucking on his
left nipple, as Publius was doing the same to his right nipple. Publius and I seemed to be working in russian child pornography
union that night. illegal child naked
a word, we both children peeing pics started kissing down his firm chest. Our erastes
was moaning under us, as we reached his child 3d sex pubic area. I glanced at
Publius to see where I should head next. As Hadrian's favorite, it
was his right to decide if he achilles tendon bulge
wanted to take the fat child girl hentai
dick, or the
plump nuts. He smiled at me, and I could tell Publius knew I wanted that
hard dick. He gave a little nod, before he buried his face in
Hadrian's big sac of eggs. I licked my way up and down that long
shaft, before taking it in my mouth, and forcing my tongue
between the foreskin and Hadrian's big dick-head. Hadrian groaned, as he started fucking into my throat. I could
feel my throat bulging out, with each of his upward thrusts. I felt
his big cock swell even bigger, as our erastes gave a long moan.
As he strained upward, I quickly slid enough of his cock out of
my mouth, to taste his life force as it was nude childrens fuck shot from his nuts. Big
gobs of his cum were being shot into my hungry mouth. I
swallowed and swallowed, as his eggs sent more nude child galleries
and more of his
life juice to my mouth. Finally, Hadrian began to relax. Publius nudged me off his cock,
and quickly took it in his mouth. He was noisily slurping the last
of our erastes' cum, that was still oozing from his dick. russian sex children As soon
as our Hadrian was soft, he reached across him, and pulled me
into a kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and I felt
Hadrian's big hand caressing my back, as Publius and I shared children hard fuck our
erastes' taste. Hadrian pulled us back down into his arms. We lay hugging, as
he told us what good eromenos' we were to anal tgp child him. I didn't see
how I could love my erastes any more. I again had to pray to all
the gods, thanking them for giving me my Hadrian. I was gently massaging Hadrian's balls, as Publius was playing
with his cock. It wasn't too long before his shaft was once again
firm and rigid. Hadrian placed Publius between us, and called his
servant for the oil. Caesar slicked Publius' love hole, child lollita sex then Publius oiled mine. child hardcore xxx I put
the oil on Publius' dick, then he did Hadrian's. I rolled to my
side, offering my children porno ass
ass child clip fucking to Publius. He slowly pushed childfuck tgp
in, then our
erastes chillporn stories entered him. We set up a slow fucking, and the gods were
at peace in the world. It wasn't very long, before anime child pissing the gods sent the first shiver of
pleasure running through my body. Publius reached his hand chil porno sex
me, and took my hard aching cock in his hand. He was child pussys
the foreskin over the head of child loitas my dick, and Publius is an expert.
His thumb was working in time with his thrusts into my ass. Oh,
the gods hard child porno were enjoying it! They sent another touch of retro childporn their joy
running erotic child video through me. It seemed only moments later, when Publius' hand was jerking
up and down my dick, that I had to strain hard against the illegal sexy childporn gods
grip. Publius just keep humping into me, as he moaned. His hand
was still working my dick, and I was starting to get too sensitive.
I took his hand and held it to sex child ilegal my chest. I could tell by the sounds, that Hadrian and Publius were both
close to their touch from the gods. Our erastes was making that
fast grunting noise he makes free childporn pictures just before he shoots, and Publius
was making that whimpering "oooh" japan child sex that he makes just before he
cums. I felt Publius tense, and his whimpering changed to the long
drawn out moan, as his cum shot into me. Hadrian was making
those small child fuck hard grunts he makes as he shoots his life force. Yes, the
gods were pleased with the world, as I drifted off to sleep under
the stars. I awoke kids childrens nudes sometime during the night, knowing my Hadrian was
entering me. I pushed my butt back a little, so he would have an
easier time getting in. It wasn't long chili shrimp before I childs nude porn got a visit from the
gods, and I was still recovering from that one, when they touched
me again. My ass was quivering around Hadrian's cock, and the
gods choose that time to children naked photo visit him. He shoved deep into me, and
hard against me, as his cum exploded from his dick. I went back
to sleep with his dick still embedded in my ass.ContinuedComments: idc90hotmail.com Flames Happily Ignored smileI answer all e-mails. If you should write and not get an
answer, it is because I didn't get it. Hotmail sometimes
gets overloaded. Please try again.Thanks for reading,
Joe Camp

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