Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya
Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

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Subject: Miss Ver'a New Pet (lesbian / authoritarian, F/f)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts between women. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a
friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site,
please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2006 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to janmay699icqmail.com if you have
suggestions for future stories. lollipop young pornlatina young Miss young nasty nudes Vera's New Pet
Miss Vera logged onto young teenie panties her computer looking for a
new playmate. She wanted a submissive woman that
would do what ever she demanded. young vaginas
It was her custom to
dress up in one of her horny young lesbians domination costumes. This night
she was dressed up in a very tight fitting black leather
Merry Widows young girls thongs with stainless steel ribs. It had a young gothic girls
built in
pushup bra that lifted her ample breasts young girls russian with out covered
her large areolas and nipples. The corset also had a built
in garter belt to hold up her nylons. She preferred dark
one as apposed to fishnet because she thought fishnet
looked cheep. Her high heeled boots were tight fitting and
zipped up the inside to the knees. She put on her makeup very carefully to make her
look very young nn sites seductive. Then she sat down in her leather
command chair and old young pussy went looking. young crossdressers
She blocked any male
that wanted very young teenthumbs to flirt with her. Some of the women she had
talked to before and didn't want to waist time with them.
She kept looking until she found a young woman that
came across as if she had very little experience with other
woman. She admitted that the first time she had even
been fuck young virgins with a woman was when she had been on a business
trip with her boss. She had been twenty-eight at the time. The idea that she had found a woman that youngest beautiful girls had not
had sex until she was that old turned her on. She made
her tell her all about how her boss had made her suck her
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as they got back to the office. She made her incest young girl masturbate
in front of her while she took pictures. She said that if she
ever tried to cause trouble she would see that very young puffy the pictures
would be seen by everyone. She said that even though young girls thong she
had felt used by the woman she had actually found the sex
very exciting. Her name was Gail and after that she did young boys cocks
dating younger porno 16 other women. It never downed on her young teen bikini that her boss
had told other women in the office about having used her.
The next woman in young little virgins the office that befriended her was a
tall ashley young sex dark haired woman in young preetens nude upper management. young lollipop porn She took
Gail out to dinner. She flirted with her for a long time
before young asian schoolgirl
feeling her up when she took her home. Gail allowed the woman to do what ever she wanted
to her. The woman not only sucked her breasts but put on
a strap-on dildo and fucked her. The fact fuck young russian that she was a
virgin and she had young girl nudists deflowered her just the way some older
teenaged boy had deflowered her. young pre tits He had laughed when
she cried about the pain. Now it was her turn to laugh
when young thumbnail post
her employee cried out as her hymen was ripped
open. Every woman that had dated her had made her do
things she had never dreamed of doing. young kid nudist
She found herself
seeking out women that would remove any guilt about her
enjoyment Too young fuck of the acts because she was being forced to do
them. Mss Vera found out young japanese sex they did live far from each other
she made a date with Gail to youngtop little girls have coffee with each other.
That way if either of them felt uncomfortable about each
other they could walk away naturist girls young
without knowing where each
other lived. When they met Vera was dressed in young anal portals a normal dress
that she worked in. The shoes were young girls foto comfortable straps
and natural nylons. She only had a hit of lipstick on. Her
hair was limp. Her eyebrows were not plucked and she
had not removed the mustache over her upper lip. Gail
was porn jpeg young dressed like a public librarian. The simple cotton
dress was well below the knees. young cute pics young girl bondage
The brown shoes had
large heels. She did have makeup on at all. They hardly
were even noticed in the coffee shop by any male. Too young too
was what they christine young fucking
wanted in the first place. They drank their coffee outdoors at one of the white
vacuum-formed plastic tables and chairs. They kept their
conversation light but in doing so they learned a lot about
each other. After about a half hour young pretty girls
they were about to
part company and neither had said anything about a
future date. Gail took her by the hand and invited Vera to come
home with her. Vera agreed and led Gail to her car. Gail
had gotten there by bus anyway. They were freer to talk
about what they liked the little young pic most about sex. Vera admitted that she was like to think of herself
as a domination queen. She had brought along a selection
of costumes in an overnight bag. When young woman bathing they were inside
Gail's modest home Vera changed into and outfit that she
liked the most. She went into the bathroom to change because she
didn't want Gail to watch her change into Mss Vera. She
took off all of her clothes first. Then she put on her
makeup. She put on her nylons and boots then struggled
to get her body into the corset. She tied the laces to the
bathroom door knob and pulled against the door until she
could hardly breathe. Then she tied the laces off. Then she opened the bathroom door she was
hooking her necklace around her neck and adjusted the
pendant between her breasts. Gail was impressed with the look. Her breasts
looked even larger and the nylons, garter belt and black
leather Merry Widow framed Mss Vera's pussy. The brown
pubic hair was untrimmed and her underarms were
unshaved too. The drapes were open and Mss Vera Pretty young babes saw the next
door neighbor working in her front yard. toplist boysex youngest
Miss Vera
demanded that Gail go out side and start up young virgins girls a
conversation with her little old neighbor and while talking
to her to lift her skirt and pull her panties aside and
masturbate while talking to her. naturalist young teen Gail protested that she could not do that young jeezy album in front of
her widowed neighbor. Mss. Vera stood there and slapped
her face. Gail slowly went outside and waved at Mrs.
Allen. Mss. Vera watched as Gail approached the little
white picket fence and started voyeur young pre
talking to Mrs. Allen about
what she did to make her flowers look so good. As younger naturist naked she
talked she gathered up her long skirt in her hands as of
she was shy about young naked cuties talking to her neighbor. As Mrs. Allen
stated talking about the fertilizer and insecticide she used
and her watering regime she saw Gail lifting her dress up
until her panties was exposed. She stopped talking as she
watched Gail pull the panties aside and started
masturbating. Mrs. Allen stood there watching as the shy
woman masturbated in front of her until she climaxed. AS
Gail dropped her dress and headed back to the house Mrs.
Allen said, "Any time I can help feel free to ask Honey." Miss Vera watched everything from window. She
opened the door and allowed Gail to enter the house.
Then she closed it and made Gail undress right there in
the front room. She sat her on the sofa and started
kissing her dace and mouth. She was taking both breasts
into her hands and massaging them. She was not gentle
the young japanese nudes
way she squeezed them. She pinched the youngest anime nude nipples until
Gail was whining into Mss Vera's mouth. Then Vera
started taking the breasts into her mouth as if she was
trying to stuff Gail's C sized breasts into her mouth. She
bit on the nipples and pulled back until the tits were
stretched out as far as they would go. Gail was moaning her approval even when it hurt.
She pulled Vera's hair back so that she could watch her
sucking on her tits. Benefit widow young She had never had anyone suck on her
breasts like that before. Just when she was getting into
even the pain of having her nipples bitten Vera placed her
hand between her legs. Mss Vera parted her legs and dug teen porn young her fingers into
her vagina. She drove her young child naked fingers into the wet canal to get
them as wet as possible. Then she took hold of Gail's
clitoris with young girls orgasms her thumb and forefinger. What she did to
that clit was enough to drive Diane young makeup
Gail young teen 16
to distraction. young nubile virgins She
massaged it and pinched it too young teenie
until Gail was going crazy. The
pleasurable feeling young blonde
would switch to blinding pain and then
back to heavenly bliss. She was leaking juice like a hot
water faucet when she felt fingers probing her asshole.
Vera when to her knees and started pulling her labia open
so that she could put her face between her young petite teens
legs and do
what ever she wanted with her mouth. She took the clit
into her mouth and sucked on it at the same time she was
sticking another finger into Gail's asshole. The pleasure of
having her clit sucked was being offset by the pain of the
woman trying to stick her fist into her asshole. When Vera
performed oral sex Dying young poems
on her cunt it was enough to cause her
to go into a quivering climax that left her sweaty and
spent. Just young asian penis when Gail was relaxed after her climax Mss
Vera pulled her off the illegal young sites
sofa and made her squat young russian cunt between
her legs as she spread them to shoulder width. young teen pron She had
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and started boys young inspiring Gail to better oral sex by laying the
whip across the back of Gail's butt. Gail yelped with every
blow but never young illegal sexe took her mouth away from Vera's cunt. Mss Vera spun around and bent over so that Vince young wallpaper
could grab one of Gail's tits and pull her face tightly
against her ass. Gail knew what was demanded of her
and she used her tongue Vera's asshole. sex porn young She found
herself willing to do anything to please Vera. There was
one last act of domination Gail was to endure that date. Mss Vera left Gail sitting on the floor while she found
the kitchen. When she returned she had a tall tumble
glass in youngs nude hand. She young gang stood there right in front of Gail and
held youngs teen the glass between her legs and let Gail watch her pee
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hair. Then she young teen forums handed the warm glass to Gail and told her
to fuck young gothnonnude young drink it. Gail could not believe she was serious about
that. The crop whipped out and stung her nipple. That
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the glass up
to her lips and sipped the liquid. Mss Vera placed her
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glass up forcing her to
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Piss spilled out ob the corners and young preten sex
down her chin and onto her breasts. The extra liquid
dribbled down to puddle on the carpet. When the glass
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admonished her to never spill her golden liquid again. She made her clean it up and afterwards before she
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As Mss Vera dot dressed to young black teenies go
home young teen babyes
she pulled Gail tightly against her body and kissed
her on the mouth. extreme young pics Then she asked, "Are you going to be
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pussy slave from now on?" Gail melted into her arms and breathlessly said, "I
am your from now cp porn young
on. Do what ever you want with me." It was youngest angels girls dark as young nudists 14yo
Vera got into her car to drive away.
She saw Gail standing naked in the door with the light in
the house back lighting her young twink videos body as she pulled away. Mrs. Allen had been at her window watching it all
and knew sexy young forbidden for sure young musicians that her quiet neighbor was a lesbian
for sure.I hope you enjoyed the story girl young jpg and have a story you would
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