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Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

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From: Brew Maxwell
Subject: My First Year with Kevin, Chapter 6Disclaimer: The young teen rape following is a work young naked amateurs of fiction, and any resemblance to real
people or events free tgp young is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic
descriptions of sex between men, and anyone who is forbidden by law to read
such material must exit the story now. This story is being posted to the
Nifty Archive for tickling young girls
the enjoyment of its readers. It may not be posted or
distributed by any other slutty young teen
medium without the written permission of its
author.My other works in the Nifty Archive include Unusual Christmas and Nick's
Adventures, both in bisexual/high school, First Mate and Twin Spin in
gay/incest, The Dancer and Call-Boy Journal in gay/encounters, and From
Slave to Houseboy in gay/authoritarian.E-mail comments are always welcome.
My First Year With KevinChapter 6
Once we tgp young asian
were back in New young defloration toplist Orleans, girls rompl young Kevin became my tour guide. young oriental girls He
took me all sweet young amateurs
over the city by both day fuck young prettens and night, and I discovered why it's
such nude youngest girls
a favorite place for people all over the world. We talked to our dads
almost every day, but we young cp nude
youngest nude pics
didn't let on that we were lovers.
Kevin talked a lot about getting a tattoo, and he wanted me to try
a nipple ring, as well. young hot nakedyounger nude pics I resisted for a youngest nude pictures
few days, but it was pretty
obvious he wanted me to get one. Finally, I gave in, and we went down to
the tattoo shop in the quarter Brian had told us about. young nude thumb First, I got my
nipple pierced. Kevin had assured young fuck me it wouldn't hurt, and he was right.
He picked out new jewelry for both of us, so my ring and his were
identical. I liked that. I got an erection when the guy was fooling with
my nipple getting ready to pierce it, and Kevin laughed at me. sex photo young Oh, well.
We spent a long time looking at Child disciplining young
the designs of tattoos the man had
in the shop. young movies picturesyoungest teenie pix Kevin wanted a primitive Celtic decoration on his best youngest porn left bicep,
and, of course, there were many designs of that type to choose from. He
actually settled for something that was a combination of two different
designs, and the color was all black. It was smaller than I though he
would want it to be, and it was high enough that a young creampie pre
regular short sleeve tee
shirt covered it. Aerosmith young lust That surprised me, too. When it was finally done, I had
to admit I liked it. In fact, the more I saw naked pre young of it in the days that
followed, the more seriously I considered getting one of my own. I didn't,
though. That was his thing, not mine.
Finally, the time came for us to leave for Greece. Our dads called
us the night before to wish us bon voyage, and both of young porn upload
us were so excited
that we had a hard time sleeping. Our tgp young child flight was at ten in the younger nudists
but we were both up by six, packed and ready to go.
The trip was unbelievable. Kevin and I spent three days
sightseeing in Athens and vicinity, then we went to the resort island that
would be our home for ten days. It was a place young seventeen porno for gay men from all over
the world, and we spent almost all of our time buck naked. We went to
restaurants naked, shows naked, nightclubs naked, shops naked, everywhere
naked. young porn pass Kevin was a real head-turner, of course, as he usually is, and one
very wealthy Canadian couple sort of adopted us as their sons. I knew it
was Kevin they lusted after, and both of them commented several times on
his tattoo and our nipple rings. Both men were in their mid-forties, and
they had a huge boat that they took us out on several times. One night
aboard the boat all of us had had more to drink than we should have. One
thing led to another, and we all had sex with young virgin schoolgirls one another. young litle nudist Apart from
that, though, Kevin and I were monogamous for the duration young strippers
of the trip.
When we returned to New Orleans, the young nude art dads called and cp pix young said they
wanted us to come to Houston. The news there was very good, and they
wanted to take a couple of days off to see us. We rested up a day and took
off for Texas.
Harriett met us at the airport and rented a car for us. We
followed her back to the hotel, which was really quite a swanky place.
They had already booked a room for us, so we just went right up. banned young xxx It young hot babes was
the nicest hotel room I had ever seen, but it only had one king-size bed.
"You think Denis and Frank knew this room only had one bed," I
asked Kevin.
"I guess so. Anyway, I want them to know about us, and this trip
is as good a time as any to tell them."
My stomach did an ugly flip.
"You think that's a good idea," young teen bumbs I asked.
"Why not? young child pussys If they don't understand, who the fuck ever will?"
I saw his point, of course, but it still made me nervous as hell to
think about it. My anxiety was pointless, young black nudists though, as it turned out.
We young girl nudism
met the dads for a drink at five o'clock in the hotel bar.
After hugs and handshakes, we settled down at amateur young fucking
a table. Frank and Denis
both smoked, and they lit up almost immediately. Kevin took out his pack
and lit up, too, and neither dad blinked. young art sex He offered the pack to me.
"Denis, did you know he smokes," Kevin asked.
"No, I didn't. younger toplist But there's a lot about him I don't know," Denis
I accepted a cigarette and light from Kevin.
Then Kevin showed them his tattoo. He was quick to explain that it
was dye and not the permanent kind, but they really didn't react negatively
in young boys porn any way. In fact, they both seemed to admire it. Kevin forced me to
raise my naked youngest schoolgirls shirt to show them my nipple ring, and he raised his to show them
his new one. Again, they accepted that with equanimity.
When all the young titless girls
showing was done, Kevin burst out with, "Another thing
you guys need to know is that we're lovers." I thought every person in
that girls nudes young bar must surely have heard Kevin when he said that. This was more
than I could handle, I thought. I don't know young girl sex what I expected, but the
reaction couldn't young sex schoolgirls
have been more pleasant.
Without saying a word, Frank took a hundred dollar bill out of his
wallet young teen tgp and gave it to Denis. Then they both grinned at each other and then
at us.
"So are we," Frank said.
We all laughed.
Frank leaned over and kissed Denis on the lips. It was a chaste
kiss, but still not what you would expect two Ohio neil young high-powered lawyers to do in
a bar in the nicest hotel in young girls pictures Houston, Texas.
Not to be outdone by his dad, Kevin leaned forward and kissed me.
He was a little more passionate about it, though. My face must have been
as red as the pack of Marlboros that was on the table.
Once again, kittenteens youngorchids we all laughed. "So what was the money thing all
about," Kevin asked. youngest teenager naturist
"It was just a little bet we youngest lust girls
had," Frank said.
"Well, that was young cheerleader pretty fucking obvious," Kevin said. I cringed when he
said "fucking," but neither dad so much as flinched.
"I bet Frank that you'd young little nubiles spill the beans within a boy young pics half hour of our
getting together. He thought it would take you till after dinner, at
least. So I won."
"You guys knew about younger porno video us," Kevin asked. I was still so stunned by
what was happening I couldn't have told an arresting officer my name, much
less have contributed to the conversation.
"We didn't know for sure, but we russia young porno had really strong suspicions,"
Frank said. "I mean, we've known about young nudist russia you and Dave for several years.
And the girls, too, of course. We knew Matt was gay, and we knew you had a
taste for sex with men. So, we put two and two together, and . . . ."
"And you got index young sexy us a room with one bed," naked young movies Kevin said.
"Exactly," Denis responded. "Your father doesn't know you as well
as he thinks teen young sexe he does, though, apparently. He thought you'd tell us, but he
was youngest teenager gallery sure you'd young girl pic have a drink or two before you did it. I knew better."
"Look, boys, you know our rules. What Denis petite boob young and I do privately is
our private young sex pussy
business, and what the two of you do privately is your porni young girls
"We know," Kevin said. "That young naturist images little kiss a few minutes ago was the
first time I've ever seen you guys do anything like that."
"Did we young nude celebs
embarrass you," Denis asked.
"Shit, no. You gave me a hard-on." Kevin, apparently, said
anything to them.
They both laughed like that was the funniest thing they'd ever
"Well, let's change the fucking subject, then. No pun intended,"
Kevin said. They laughed with even greater glee.
We talked young nude petite about what we had been doing since my young porno baby
arrival, about young little girl our
trip to Greece, about my new car, and young exotic about their court case. They were
very near a settlement, they thought, and the firm would clear close to
thirty million dollars on the deal. In fact, when we met them for lunch
the next day, the deal was done, young xxx pics
and they had settled. young lesbian teens That night, though,
we just enjoyed their company and a wonderful meal at a world-class
"What do you think Edward would think of this place," Frank asked.
"He'd hate it," Kevin said.
"I agree, Kev. He hates everything about Houston, anyway. You
know he'd hate this place," Denis said. I was really beginning to like
him, for some young girls neuken odd reason. Denis, that is. My father.
"Who's Edward," I asked.
"He's our waiter at Antoine's," Frank said. Then he explained the
tradition. Regular patrons of that famous establishment had their own
personal waiter, and he did everything in his power to see that their needs
were met with perfection. He knew what you liked to drink before dinner,
what your favorite dishes were, what brand of cigarettes you smoked.
Everything. His father had been Frank's parents' waiter, and Edward, and
eventually his son, would be our waiter, too. That kind of stuff was too
weird for me to fully appreciate, but it preeteens young was part of the New Orleans
culture I was getting used to.
Our dinner lasted a long time. Then we went to a bar in the hotel
and had a few drinks. Frank and Denis treated Kevin like he was a
grown-up, and they treated me that way, too. That, too, was New Orleans.
The next morning, Kevin and I hung out at the hotel pool after
breakfast, heard their good news at lunch, and, with them, went to an
Astros game that night. The three of them really enjoyed the game, but I
found it rather dull. Frank and Denis apologized to young naked chicks us for not being able
to spend the next day with pearl ls young us, but young blonde sluts they would be tied up in the final
negotiations and paper-signing on their case. Kevin young girl porno and I drove around
Houston, taking in what few sights the city afforded. porn young xxx We flew back to New
Orleans Monday morning, and Frank and Denis returned home Wednesday night.
Once Frank and Denis were back young little russian home, and Kevin and I were through
with our summer travel, things settled younghardcore sex pics
into a comfortable routine. Kevin
and I would sleep until nine or ten, blow jobs young eat breakfast, and waste the rest of
the day. gay young We did a little more sightseeing, but we had covered most of the
big attractions New Orleans offered. It was then a matter of going back to
favorite places to see them again and discovering new places that even
Kevin hadn't known about.
Kevin was an avid exercise enthusiast, and he persuaded me to art young nudes
the gym he belonged to. young naturist picture
It was a male-only establishment, although it was
by no means for gays only. We went there three or four times young asian boy a week to
work out and to swim in the nude young gothic girl
in their indoor swimming pool. We'd use
the steam room and sauna, and, about once a week, kid young porn we'd get massages. I had
never had one youngest teenz
before, and the young nudes xxx first time I got a boner. Kevin and the
massage therapist laughed at me, and that was more humiliating than getting
the hard-on. Finally, young handjobs
they explained that almost every guy does that the
first few times, and I felt a little more at ease. After a few weeks, I
noticed I was actually gaining some muscle.
Frank and Denis were wonderfully kind and Philadelphia young professional considerate of one
another and of us. They spent as much time with us as they could, and they
never hinted at any kind of judgment they made about our relationship. It
was truly an idyllic summer for me, and it was truly the beginning of my
new life with Kevin.
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