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Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

Fakultas Teknik Unika Atma Jaya

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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:26:35 GMT
From: Limo Man
Subject: Me 'N Pete - Part ThreeUsual warnings:
- contains sex between adult/child and youth/child.
- if you are under eighteen, leave now.
- if this type of material offends you, leave now.As with Part One and Two, this is a true story. It happened to me a long
time ago - but the memories are as clear and strong as if they happened
this morning.Me 'N Pete - Part Three As I lay on top of Mike's body on the weight bench, I could not
believe how lucky I was. Although Mike had not made any efforts to touch
me, he had responded to my efforts to satisfy him. He had not pushed me
away. He had enjoyed my attentions.
It was at that moment that I realized that Mike was stroking my hair.
He place his other hand on my back and started to move it up and down. I
looked at Mike's face and met his eyes as he looked at me. There was a
strange smile on his face as his eyes penetrated deep inside of me.
"Where did you learn all that shit, man. It was awesome," Mike asked?
"Someday I'll tell you, but not today," I answered shyly.
"I have never had an experience like that in my life," he said. "No
one has ever touched me like that and no one has ever made me feel like
that. I guess I was a virgin - but not any more."
"What's a virgin," I was just full of questions?
"Someone who has never had sex before."
"Don't you play with your dick," I male twink models
said. "I rub mine and it makes me
feel good. Sometimes pretten ukranian models I even cum. My friend called it jacking or jerking
"No, I have never done that. Sometimes when I shower and rub soap on
it, it feels good. My mom and dad get mad if they see me touching my dick
through my pants. And my coach told us that we shouldn't do it because we
wouldn't perform as well in sports - it took too much of our energy. So I
never really did it."
"Gee, you don't know what you are missing," I added. "But it is even
better when you do it with someone you like."
"Have you ever done hawaii xxx model it with someone else," Mike asked?
I hesitated but answered "yes". He wanted to know who, but I would
not tell him. I think I was still jealous and didn't want him to know
about Pete.
Mike's hand continued to move on my back. I could feel a renewal of
his erection forming against my own.
"I...........I want to do it for you," model thumbs girls
Mike stammered. "But, I don't
know how."
"I would like that, very much," I said. "I can show you how. All you
have to do is what I nn models porn did to you. Besides, I don't think there is a wrong
I got up off of the bench and offered Mike my hand. I helped him to
get to his feet. I lay back down on the weight bench, feeling the warmth
his body had left behind. I made sure my bum was far enough over the end
to give him access.
"Where do I start," Mike asked?
"Start by kissing me," I answered, " then do whatever feels good."
Mike moved over top of teen model cheerleaders
me as if he was going to "spot" me again. His
balls brushed across my hard dick as he moved up my body. I felt a surge
of electricity as we touched. He placed his hands on either side of the
bench and leaned towards my face. His first effort at kissing was
tentative. His lips barely brushed mine. He kissed my eyebrows and polska models 4 all
around my face before coming to my mouth.
He rested his lips on mine and I felt his lips part and his tongue
push against my lips. I parted my lips to receive him. His tongue
ventured in; finding mine; and tasting it. Our tongues played together for
what seemed like a pleasant eternity. I made no effort to move my tongue
into Mike's mouth. It was Mike's turn child models strawberry
to please me and I wanted to let him
do all the work.
Eventually, Mike broke free of my mouth. His tongue and lips slowly
ventured to my ears; down my neck; and all around my shoulders. It was as
if he wanted to taste every inch of me. He licked and nipped and sucked
until he reached my nipples. He nipped and sucked one, then the other. He
left them like two hard little bullets. And my dick matched them with its
own hardness.
His tongue wandered lazily all over my chest, along my sides and down
onto my belly. He licked and sucked at my belly button - his mouth trying
to swallow it. He wandered through the tender area between my navel and
the raised mound above nn older models my dick. This area was very sensitive and I
squirmed in pleasure.
Mike stopped for a moment, observing my groin area.
"You don't have any hair at all," he said matter-of-factly. "You're
as bald as a baby."
"Where did you get so much experience with baby's crotches," I said,
Trying to get even, Mike grabbed my sides and tickled me until I was
nearly ready to pee. But peeing would have been impossible with my swollen
dick. Mike went back to cherry teen model eyeing me. model train parts His fingers touched my penis lightly.
He moved his hand back quickly as my penis jerked in response.
"Man, this hard on of yours is alive."
"What's a hard on," I asked?
"This is" he said, grabbing young non nudemodels
my dick mature model sofia and squeezing it. "Haven't you
heard of hard on, boner, woody, stiffy - they are all names for your
"What's an erection," I asked again?
"This is, silly," bbw model heidi he said, squeezing me again. "You ask too damn many
questions. Now shut up so I can get to work."
His hand moved up and down my stiff dick. It felt good, but I ached
to have him take it in his mouth. He found my nuts and examined them
carefully. The sensation as he turned them, squeezed them and fondled them
was excruciatingly wonderful. His hand returned to my dick and I prayed
that he would remember what I had done for him.
Slowly, with some hesitation, he brought his mouth to the hard mound
above my erection. He started to kiss and lick it. My erect penis jerked
upwards, whacking him in the side of the face.
"Be patient," he mumbled, "you'll get your turn."
He kissed all around the base and down to my tightening sac. My balls
were not quite as large as Mike's, so he was easily able to take one into
his mouth. I gasped as he sucked it back and forth in his mouth. His
tongue played with it through its thin membrane. He eventually popped this
nut out and gathered up its brother. Once again, I gasped. I had to grab
the edge of the bench to child models pics
keep from bouncing off.
Tiring of my balls, he took a cursory look and feel in the average american model area of my
crack. Maybe he wasn't ready for that because he turned his attentions to
my dick, without exploring my tender butt any further. I was sad and happy
at the same time. I wanted his tongue in my bum, but also wanted him
sucking me.
Leaning towards my bobbing cock head, Mike stuck his tongue out for a
tentative jap teen model lick. He drew his tongue back into his mouth, tasting me.
"You don't shoot sperm yet, do you," nude teenn model he asked?
"What's sperm," I asked back.
"You know. The white cum that shot out of my dick when you sucked on
it. best jav models
That's sperm, or seed, or cum, or juice, or jism, or load or spunk.
There are lots of names for it. You don't make any, do you?"
He seemed relieved when I answered "no". I was sad, because I wanted
badly to make sperm and to give it to Mike. After receiving Mike's hot,
sweet load, I couldn't think of a better gift for one boy to give another.
Mike stopped talking and resumed his licking. My head was soon wet
with his saliva. He pressed his lips down on my pee hole and parted them
so his helen model tongue could caress it. It was enough to have me gripping the bench
as my body bucked in pleasure. I thought I had come then realized I
hadn't. The pleasure as his tongue touched that area was almost as good.
He continued to work on my pee hole, while widening the circle his
tongue was traveling in. His lips opened and his mouth came around my
head, stopping just above the swollen ridge. Catching a glimpse of it, the
head was a deeper purple than I had ever seen it. At the ridge along the
edge, it was almost black. I didn't know it at the time, but my dick head
was probably as full of blood as it could ever get.
Mike's mouth set up a sucking rhythm as his tongue continued to tease
and tickle my sensitive head. Something else I did not know at the time
was that my head was probably more sensitive than it would ever be again in
my life. The older I got, the less sensitive it became. But at eight,
touching it was so pleasurable as to be almost pretten model forum
Mike's mouth was causing my young body to tingle and jerk
I was not ready to cum yet, but the feelings continued to rise in
intensity. For someone with no experience, Mike was doing a great job.
His wet lips were slowly easing there way past the ridge. His tongue
never seem to tire of its motions. In one sudden move, Mike slipped his
mouth all the way down me, stopping at the base. He gagged once and pulled
off. Taking my dick in his hand, he licked it like a Popsicle. He
lavished his talented tongue on every millimeter of its length.
Once again, he sucked my nuts into his mouth, one at a time. This
time, his teen boys modelling fingers slipped down between my cheeks. I raised my legs as he
had done - pulling them up high and holding them with my hands. My cheeks
parted allowing him free rein to do whatever he wanted. His fingers found
my tender hole and felt all around it.
"You have a nice asshole," he said. "I want to kiss it, but I don't
know whether I can, or not."
"What's an asshole," I asked?
"Boy, I thought you knew everything about sex. But you just know how
to do europe teen model it. You don't know how to talk about it. This is your asshole, your
anus, your rectum, your shit hole, and lots of other names."
As if to show me what he teenmodelfactory country was talking about, he pushed his finger at my
poop hole and was startled when it went in a half an inch. He pulled his
finger out and brought it sandra model dasha to his nose. He sniffed and sniffed again. Not
finding it offensive, he returned his hand to my puckered pink bud.
Mike's mouth returned to my dick as his fingers played in my anus. He
managed to push a finger all the way in and was sliding it back and forth.
Occasionally, he hit a spot that caused my dick to jerk erratically in his
mouth. His mouth was gliding up and down my shaft as he alternately
swallowed me and released me. I could feel myself tightening. My anus
clamped down on Mike's finger. He continued, with some difficulty, to move
it back and forth. My balls tightened, trying to eject the seed that
wasn't there. My dick throbbed in Mike's mouth.
He must have sensed that something was about to happen. He managed authentic model inc to
get my dick all the way to the back of his throat as my first dry
convulsion ripped through my young body and my throbbing dick. This was
more intense than I had ever felt before. I was almost too delirious to
realize what was happening. Wave after youngest girl modeling
wave surged through my body as my
anus tightened and relaxed around Mike's finger. My dick throbbed in his
throat, as I tried to push it in farther. Mike was gagging. Imagine what
would have happened had he received a load of cum at the same time. It was
a good thing for him that I couldn't shoot.
Finally, after what seemed forever, I started to come back from my
pleasurable journey.
"Man, that was a fantastic orgasm," Mike said, enthusiastically. And
before I could ask, he explained what an orgasm was - both wet and dry.
I sat up on the bench and Mike pushed me gently backwards. He sat if
front of me and wrapped his legs around me, his thighs resting on mine. My
semi-soft dick and balls were resting against his balls. His dick, hard
again, was resting on my stomach.
He kissed me. This time I returned the attention that I was getting from
his tongue.
We sat like this for a long time, kissing. Occasionally, Mike would
rest his head on my shoulder - bringing his dick up harder against my
belly. The feel of his erection was starting to have an affect on me. It
wouldn't be long and I would be hard again. albino nude models ******************************** Pulling himself off the bench, Mike asked me if I wanted a Coke.
Nodding yes, Mike headed for the stairs. I watched his naked muscular butt
cheeks as they disappeared up the stairs. In a minute, japan teen model petite female model
he was back. He
sat on another bench and we drank. The Coke refreshed me, but I soon
needed to pee. Pointing to the bathroom, I asked if I could use it. Mike
nodded his permission.
I walked over and opened the door. It was a larger room than it
looked from outside. There was an old, footed bath tub with a shower
curtain around it and a toilet. There were cabinets and a sink. As I
reached the toilet, Mike was right behind me.
"I have to go, too," he said.
I made room for him and soon our golden streams were mixing in mid air
before falling into the bowl. Mike's erection had gone down some, but he
still had trouble peeing. He finished well after I did. We both shook
off, and returned to the basement area. Mike sat on the bench and I
wandered around. Over by the mats, I found a couple of shelves with some
books on them. I picked one up. It was a book on the history of
wrestling. It appeared that, in the old days, wrestling had been done in
the nude. There were old pictures of nude men in various wrestling holds.
I found this very exciting.
Returning to Mike, I held the book on my lap. Looking at the book and
over at the mats, he asked if I wanted to try wrestling. I told him yes.
Mike got up and started to put his jock on.
I pointed at a picture and said, "why don't we do it like this."
Mike looked at the picture a minute and then said "I guess so, but we
will have to be careful. One of us could get hurt.
I dropped the book and followed Mike to the mats. We started with
Mike showing me some basic holds and explaining the rules and the object of
wrestling - to pin your opponents shoulders to the mat. He showed me the
stance we started in. And, we were ready to go.
I couldn't help but look at Mike's lean body. There wasn't an ounce
of fat on him, anywhere. As he stood with his hands wresting just above
his knees, his cock and balls swung gently between his legs. His shoulders
and upper body appeared sculpted in that each muscle or group of muscles
were clearly defined beneath his golden skin. His face was just as lean.
His hairless cheeks were high and firm. His nose jutted hot models out in a slender
arc. His eyes were pools of deep blue. God, he was a work of art. His
leg muscles showed as he tensed his legs, ready to start. We moved towards
each, locking our arms and grabbing each other's shoulders.
Mike said "go" and we started to move back and forth, each one models ilegal preten trying
to unbalance the other. Suddenly, Mike swept a leg out from under me. I
crashed to the mat and was soon pinned. I was in no hurry to get up. The
feeling of Mike's hot body on top of mine was children model nude making me excited. I could
feel my dick starting to press into his thigh - and felt Mike's against
Eventually, we separated and took our positions. I could see that
Mike's cock was world sexy model no longer limp. It stuck out over his ball sac, young models pic pointing
at a spot on the floor, somewhere in front of Mike. Once again we locked
arms and struggled for advantage. This time, Mike erica cunningham model
grabbed my neck and
flipped me over backwards. The wind was knocked from me as I crashed to
the mat. Mike whirled around on top of me and pinned me again. This time,
our semi-erect dicks were rubbing against each other. Although I was the
one who was winded, Mike seemed to be the one taking a long time in getting
Both our dicks were now sticking out in front of us. Our bodies
gleamed with sweat in the light. Only then did I notice the four
spotlights illuminating the mats. We squared off again. Desperate
measures were called for, if I was going to win a round. My mind raced and
I came up with an idea. We locked arms and proceeded to try to upset the
other. Freeing one arm, I reached down and grabbed Mike's dick in my hand.
As he gasped in surprised, I pushed him backward to the mat and pinned him.
We lay there panting; Mike's hardening dick still held tightly in my hand.
"That's cheating," Mike gasped.
"So, you have the advantage. You know more about wrestling than me."
We struggled up from the mat and resumed our positions. As soon as
Mike said "go", he stargazer models spun around me like a crab and pushed me forward to the
floor. His arms went around my chest as he struggled to toss me over. As
we struggled, his hard dick came to rest between my bum cheeks; the head
pressing on my tight hole. Mike stopped moving, and tried to figure out
what to do. I whispered to him to push it in. He hesitated, not sure of
what I was telling him to do. His cock head petite model virgin was pulsing against my tight
eight year old opening.
I dropped an inch or two to my knees, taking Mike down with me. As I
did so, I pushed back and Mike's smooth, hot head slid past my tight ring
and embedded itself in my tight rectum. He crouched behind me, not daring
to move. It was obvious angel models kiddy that nothing like this had ever happened to him
before. His breath was coming in gasps as a totally new sensation
overwhelmed his athletic young body.
I pushed back again, and Mike dropped to his knees, sliding into me a
little farther. His young firmness was starting to fill my insides. My
dick was dancing in front of me as I settled to my knees and urged him to
push in farther. Whether Mike finally got the idea, or animal instinct
took over, prerteen models I will never know. But Mike started to push. I brace my legs
and allowed him to push in farther. I felt some pain in my ass, but it was
soon erased by the pleasure as he tried to push himself in blonde supermodels to the hilt. He
was grunting and gasping. His final push brought his young ball sac
against the cheeks of my ass.
"Fuck me," I urged.
Mike didn't need any of my suggestions. His cock felt huge as it slid
in and out of my dry rectum. He pumped steadily. At last, his juices were
starting to lubricate me. I was able to forget the tightness and let only
feelings of pleasure surge through my body. I had a strange feeling as I
watched our shadows cast on the mat by the spotlights. At times, it looked
like there were eight or ten people coupling on the mat.
Mike's slow movements inside me were starting to speed up. I could
feel his urgent need to cum; to release the pent up sexual energy from deep
in his balls. His mind and body were racing to their inevitable climax.
The smooth rhythm as he slid in and out was making my dick ache with the
need for release. I felt like rubbing it, but would have lost my balance
and brought a sudden end to our "wrestling match".
Mike's hard breath was scorching christina carter model
my back as he experience the ride of
his young life. I could feel every hot, gasping breath and it made me even
harder. Mike was becoming frantic now. His hands grabbed at my shoulder's
as he tried to push all of his boyhood into me. It was all I could do to
keep my balance, as my legs started to cramp.
With a mighty lunge and a wild animal-like moan, Mike started to spray
his cum deep inside of me. I could feel the flood as he pumped harder and
faster. His rubbery legs pushed at the mat as he tried to enter me
completely. The hot flush of his boy juices washed my insides, almost
bringing me to orgasm. With one final and mighty push, the last of his
juices shot from his cock - and we both collapsed to the mat.
Mike lay on top of me for an eternity. It took forever for his
breathing to get back to normal. His dick softened and finally slipped
from my slippery, slimy wet hole. I could feel some of his juices running
down my darryl starbird model inner thigh. I lay there, enjoying the peteens models warmth of his body. If
this was wrestling, I wanted to be on the team.
Rolling off of me, Mike lay on his back at my side. I turned over to
lie beside him. I looked at his face. guy model naked He was obviously trying to sort out
what had happened.
He blushed as he apologized.
"Man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do little models fucking that. I don't know what got
into me," he muttered.
"I know what got into me," I said as I rolled towards him, pressing my
erection into the side of his thigh. I lay one hand on his chest and
played with his erect nipples.
"Does this mean I am gay," he asked - a worried look taking over his
"I don't think so," I answered. "My friend (I almost said Pete) told
me that young boys quite often play around with each other. It brunette model becca
is how they
learn about sex and how they learn about how their bodies work and respond.
He said it made them better lovers when they eventually had sex with a
girl. He said you don't usually find out you are gay until you are an
Mike seemed slightly relieved by my explanation.
We lay in silence for a while.
"Thanks," Mike said, finally breaking the premodels child
"For what," I asked.
"For letting me ...................fuck your bum and not getting mad
at me."
"What do you mean mad. It felt fantastic. I almost came while you
were doing it."
"You did," he gasped back?
"Yes, and I wouldn't mind if you did it again some time." *************************** Mike and I continued to lay side by side on the mats. My dick was
still hard. Mike must have realized it as he leaned up on one lsmagazine models elbow,
reached down, and started to tiny model pics stroke me. His motions were slow and
deliberate. He appeared to be studying my six inch erection as he stroked
it. I watched his face as he studied it. He must have been trying to
gauge it's size.
Looking into my eyes, he asked, "do you want to do it?"
"What," I asked.
"You know, like you did to me - up my ass," he offered.
"Yeah, that would be great." Although I had done a lot rusian child models of things with
Pete, I had never been inside someone else's butt. The thought brought a
new hardness to my young erection.
"Did it hurt," Mike asked, "when I did it to you?"
"A little bit," I answered, not wanting to scare him off, but also not
wanting to lie to Mike. "But, you did it dry. If you put something in
your hole to make it slippery, it won't hurt."
Mike turned over and knelt on the floor, presenting his butt to me.
"Not here," I said. "I want you in your bed. It will be more comfy."
I got erotic model pattycake
up and helped Mike to his feet. His dick was completely soft.
Maybe he was scared. As we approached his bedroom, he pulled aside the
curtain. His bed seemed very large. The covers turk teen model
were on the floor and only
a sheet covered the mattress. I took his hand and pushed him gently down
onto the bed.
"I'll be back," I said. I went into the bathroom and looked for
something to use to lube Mike's virgin hole. The only thing I found was a
tube illegal models pic
of Brylcreem. It was for your hair. I opened the tube and squeezed
some into my palm. It was slippery and would do the job. As a final test,
I put a small amount on my dick head. I waited a minute. Other than
feeling cool, it didn't burn or anything. I replaced the cap and headed
back to Mike.
Mike lay curled up on the mattress. He definitely looked scared. I
slid along beside him and took him in my arms, letting the tube fall to the
"You don't have to do this if you don't want." I kissed his face.
"I...........I want to.............as long...........as long as it
doesn't............hurt," he choked out the words.
"We are both the same size as each other. You only hurt me a little.
And only because I was not ready for you."
I picked up the Brylcreem, took off the lid and put a little dab on
his finger. He rubbed his fingers russian lingerie models together, feeling the smoothness.
"I will put some of that in you and some on my dick. hot model amateur
It will be fine.
If you start to hurt, lacoste kid model tell me and I will stop. But, I think you teenmodels kids are going
to like it. I sure 3d teen models did."
"O.K.," he said.
I took my time. Although I was in the mood, I needed to get Mike to
the point where he would accept me inside of him. I hot toppless models climbed on top of his
rigid body. Our bodies felt warm ace young models together. My hard dick pressed into
Mike's soft one. I proceeded to bathe his face with my tongue, leaving no
part bikini micro model untouched. He giggled a little as I washed his ears and neck.
Returning to Mike's mouth, I kissed him tenderly. His lips parted,
allowing my tongue to slip inside him. I could feel Mike's body start to
relax, as we shared a passionate kiss. His tongue fought its way into my
mouth. It was a long time before I broke our lip lock and proceeded on to
bigger and better things.
As I kissed and licked Mike's neck, I marveled at the feel of his
muscles under his skin. His body was firm, yet his skin was totally soft.
It was a contradiction, but a pleasant one. My tongue reached his right
arm pit, and I pushed his hawaiian bikini models arms above his head. I tasted his pit, finding
it salty with the sweat of our previous exertions. The sweet smell and
taste almost brought me to orgasm. I moved over to his other pit and
licked it clean. I had thought Mike was hairless under his arms, but
closer inspection revealed some very short hairs, just starting to grow.
I licked over to his left nipple, cleaning the sweaty boy salt from
his golden flesh as I went. I took his nipple between my teeth and nipped
it gently. A shudder ran through Mike's hard body and I could feel the
first stirring of his teen erection against my eight year old one. I
continued to tease his nipple before moving to the other. I gave it the
same treatment, nipping and sucking at it.
My tongue wandered over his lower chest and down along his sensitive
sides. Mike giggled a little as my tongue slid along his tender skin. As
I slid over his firm stomach, I could feel each of the many muscles that
covered his lower chest and belly. As nide latina models my tongue hit sensitive spots, his
muscles would expand and contract in an involuntary reaction. Each time I
found such a spot, I would lick it then watch the beautiful ebb and flow of
his muscles. I could have played this game all day, had it not been for
the throbbing dick between my legs.
My tongue located Mike's innie and bathed it clean. This attention
brought girlish giggles from the muscle boy. It startled me for a second,
but soon became pleasant as I worked my tongue into cadillac 2001 model him. He squirmed under
I was now close enough to his dick that I could smell the remains of
his orgasm, mixed with my own inner juices. I kissed and licked the flat
expanse above Mike's hard mound. This was also a sensitive area as Mike
continued to squirm. Looking down, I saw legal model galleries
that his dick was almost erect.
My tongue and nose wandered into his pubic hair. I brunette gallery model kissed and licked until
his hair was a wet mat surrounding the base of his six inch innocent nn models
boy dick. My
mouth rapped around pic ls models the base of his shaft. I felt and heard his gasp.
I wasn't about to get him off again, but I wanted to tease model katrina
him until
he was almost ready. As I licked up his stiff, straight shaft, I tasted
his sperm and my fluids. It was not pleasant or unpleasant. The taste was
salty with some other flavors that I did not care to identify. beth model nude I continued
to lick until I reached the ridge beneath his purple, swollen mushroom of a
head. I teased it with my tongue and nipped the sensitive area, gently,
with my teeth. Mike was struggling for breath. For someone who had only
cum a little while barretta model 21 ago, he was awfully close young model illegal again.
My lips pursed, I slipped them onto the purple crown of his boyhood.
As I pushed down, I allowed my lips to open just enough to accommodate the
increasing girth. When I had fully engulfed his throbbing head to a point
just above the ridge, I flicked my tongue tiny candid models along his slit. I received the
first offering of his wonderful, sweet sperm. I savored the taste, then
sucked his head hoping for more. My continued sucking brought moans from
Mike, and the occasional sweet reward for me.
Mike was edging closer to the point of no return. I freed his head
from my mouth; kissed it; then proceeded to kiss his shaft down to the
base. My mouth found his balls hiding in their tight sac. I sucked one
into my mouth and native american models
tried to swallow it. Mike was moaning and moving his
hips upwards. Relieving my mouth of its large load, I found its neighbor
and gave it the same treatment.
Done with playing, and ready for my own relief - I moved around
between Mike's firm legs. daring bikini models
With help from Mike, I black models drunk pushed his legs up
against his body. Mike's hands grasped them firmly and held them in badass bettie models place.
The view before model 13 girl
me was breathtaking - and I took the time to absorb it all.
Mike's cheeks were lifting off of the bed and spread open invitingly.
His tight sac was pulled up under his hard dick. porn model shy It was brown and slightly
wrinkled. I followed the line from his sac to where it entered between his
cheeks. His cheeks were as preety models golden as the rest of illegal teen model his skin. His coloring
was the same all over. I didn't know what his nationality was - and I
didn't care.
His cheeks were rounded and, in this position, hard as a rock. The
darker area between them was hairless. Nestled near its center, waiting
for me, was the brown ring of his anus. It had a series of creases that
converged on the smooth hole in the very center. As Mike, panted, the hole
opened and closed slightly, matching his breathing.
I could wait no longer. Mike did need any more foreplay. He was
ready. My mouth quickly sought the brown hole. Forgetting the Brylcreem
for the moment, I lubricated him with my lips and tongue. Mike gasped
again as dominican teen model my tongue hit the center of his brown bud and pushed against his
tightness. I circled the small smooth opening that disappeared into his
body. I pushed my tongue into its very center. I had to push hard to gain
even the slightest entry. I felt Mike pushing down, trying to get me
inside of him. Whether or not he knew what he was doing, the tactic
worked. My tongue slid slowly past his tight ring and up inside of him.
My lips were pressed against his brown ring. My tongue worked back and
forth like a tiny penis. Mike moaned and grabbed for his cock. top puertorican models He held it
tight younger free models as I worked his tight hole. Back and forth; in and out; until my
young tongue became too tired to move.
Reluctantly, I freed my tongue from his tight grip. I located the
Brylcreem and opened it. I applied some to two of my fingers and placed
them against Mike's brown spot. His body jerked a bit as the cool cream
touch his hot anus. My fingers massage gently around the hole. Slowly,
not wanting to hurt this golden boy, my fingers applied pressure to his
opening. The tip of one slipped in; the other following close behind. I
moved my fingers slowly up past his tight anus until I couldn't go any
farther. Mike was moaning, his dick held firmly in his hand for comfort.
My fingers plied his hole, opening and stretching it - making it ready
to hold the six inch boy cock that throbbed not far from its entrance. So
far, Mike had not indicated any pain. And I was glad. I am not sure I
could have stopped myself at this point. My throbbing dick was straining
to reach his heavenly love tunnel.
Having worked his brown anus to the point where my fingers slid easily
in and out, I was ready - more than ready. I let him expel my fingers. I
looked at his hole.
It was smooth and shiny and pulsating with the rhythm of model girl manga
his body. He
clutched his dick in his right hand as his upper arm held his right leg
against his chest.
Taking some more of the Brylcreem, I applied it to my erection. I
applied it quickly, not wanting to bring myself any closer to cumming. I
shuffled in between Mike's legs.
"Are you ready," I asked.
Mike was too deep in the throes of passion to answer. I placed my
head against his opening. I pushed gently, placing my head inside his
anus. The grip on my swollen, purple head almost made me cum. It was hot
and intense and squeezed my head in time with Mike's breathing. His anus
seemed alive, as it gripped and loosened sexiest young models
on my head.
I needed to get inside before my cock exploded. I pushed farther in.
Mike let out angel models pic a long, deep sigh. His eyes were closed tightly. I could
only imagine what was going on in his thirteen year old brain. I
remembered my first time with Pete and blushed.
I leaned forward, slipping my cock deep inside of Mike until my balls
touched the warmth of his cheeks. There was no indication of pain from
Mike. I started stroking my cock inside of him. Short strokes at first.
Then gradually lengthening until my swollen head was gripped by his anus
each time I pulled back. I knew I wasn't going child models torrent
to last long. The
tightness; the warmth of Mike's tunnel was more wonderful than I had
imagined. I sped up my strokes as spasms of pure pleasure surged from my
dick and through my whole body. My balls slapped against Mike's cheeks
each time I pushed in. My breathing was becoming ragged. I pushed harder
and faster.
Continuing to stroke my way to ecstacy, I pushed Mike's hand away from
his cock. I grabbed it in my hand and stroked it nude slovak models quickly. My other hand
reached for his sac and tried to squeeze his hot juices from inside. I was
very close now, and Mike was with me. His head bobbed from side to side as
the electricity in his cock and ass threatened to envelop his whole being.
I felt my nuts tighten as I stroked myself and Mike more rapidly. The
first wave of my orgasm burst from my ball sac and raced through my dick
into tiny modeling pics Mike's ass. God, I wished it wasn't dry. I wanted so model lia naked much to feel
the juices spurting from my purple head. But, until then, this felt pretty
damn good. As I stroked inside Mike's tight ass, wave after models teen picsxxx wave of
pleasure cascaded through my young body. My legs felt weak.
The pressure of my orgasm inside him pushed Mike over the edge. He
shot his first load up over his chest, hitting himself in the neck. The
second blast dawn sandlmodels
covered his right nipple and ran down his side. The remaining
shots played out over his hard belly, filling his belly button to
overflowing. As the last spasms racked my young body, I marveled at the
quantity of the sticky boy cream that covered Mike. He was soaked from
neck to pubic hair. At that moment, my models nonude tgp
legs gave out and I splashed into
the sticky mess on Mike's chest. I felt Mike's hard Dick pump into my
belly, relieving itself of the last vestiges of his orgasm.
I don't know if we fell asleep, but it seemed to be a long time before
we came to. I felt so warm lying on top of Mike - warm and sticky. I
lifted myself up on my arms and looked down. Mike's wet sperm covered both
of us. I bent forward, my tongue gathering the sweet juices from his neck.
It took sweet top models a while, but I cleaned him from neck to mound, not missing a drop.
I finished by taking his limp cock in my mouth. I sucked deeply, pulling
the last of his load up his dick and into my mouth. What was it that
Jackie Gleason said on T.V. - "HOW SWEET IT IS"!
I rolled off of Mike, landing on latina child models my back beside him. Too late, I
realized that I had landed on the open tube of Brylcreem - sending its
contents squirting across the bed and my back. I lay there looking at
"Your turn," I said.
"My turn for what," Mike asked.
"To clean me off," giving him a huge grin.
"I..........I don't think I can," he stammered.
"Sure you can. It tasted great."
With that, I took a finger, picked up some of his cum from my chest,
and forced it between Mike's lips. Mike looked gaypussyeatingmodelsanger frightened. My fingered
worked deeper into his mouth. He couldn't help but taste it now. Slowly,
he sucked on my finger, tasting his own juice. The frightened look left
his face. I pulled my finger from his mouth and lay back waiting.
Slowly Mike turned his body to germany teen models me and his head reached down to my
chest. His tongue took a swipe at some of the cum on my nipple. I could
not see his face, but knew he was pausing to taste his cum. After a few
seconds, Mike eagerly bathed my chest with his tongue. He worked his way
downward, gathering all of amature photo model the cum along the way. Reaching my dick he
sucked it into his mouth and sucked until it was clean. Suddenly he pulled
away, spitting out whatever was in his mouth.
"Oh shit," he cried. "That was up my ass. I'm eating my own shit."
"Yeah, you are, but you probably got more Brylcreem than anything
Suddenly realizing that the bad taste in his mouth was really not his
own shit, he started to laugh. I reached over and took his dick between my
fingers and held it. He reached for mine and held it. We lay like that,
staring at the ceiling. I could only imagine the pleasant thoughts running
through Mike's head; as I relived the events of the day in mine. At least
I guessed that he was doing the same - as both our young dicks started to
come alive again. **************************The end of part three. Part four - the final episode will follow. chub_bihotmail.com
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