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Related post: Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 15:21:27 -0400
From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark - Series Part #59MARK
Lee MarinerSeptember 2002DISCLAIMER: This is a gay fantasy and depicts sexual acts between young men
and boys. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person
or persons preteen illegal pedosex
living or deceased. Any such perceived similarity is by purely
CONSEQUENCE.This work is copyrighted by the author and may not be reproduced or copied
without the specific written consent of underage preteen whores the author. It is assigned to the
Nifty Archives under the provisions of their submission guidelines but it
may not be copied or archived on any other site without the written consent
of the author.Copyright: September naughty preteen nymphets 2002 - Author: Lee Mariner - All Rights are Reserved.Mariner23502hotmail.com * * * * * * * * * *Chapter #59While Mark loaded the luggage, I wrote a note telling Sharon and John we had
gotten off okay and preteen nude bright the number for the motel preteen models illigal where we would be. Posting it
on the door of the refrigerator with one of those icebox magnets and
double-checked the house.Mark had the SUV running when I got bbs photo preteen
too it and I went around too the
passenger side opening the door. "Mark, did you fold and hang the wet towels
up or spread them on the towel racks?""I spread them on the racks Uncle Lee. Mom doesn't like the musty odor if
you fold them and then hang them up.""Good boy, I couldn't remember. Let's go, we should be ahead of the evening
traffic.""Uncle Lee, when are you going to stop calling me boy?" Mark said glancing
at me topless preteen nudes and pulling out nude preteens baby of the drive."Probably never and don't get on your high horse. Swing over Lockerman so we
can pickup 275 rather then 75. Less traffic that way, you know where too go
after that.""Yes sir. What's the surprise you preteen nudists pictures said Uncle Bill had?""That you will find out when we get there so don't push it.""Yes sir." * * * * * * * * *The drive from Cincinnati too Louisville was not that long, a little over
100 miles. Mark drove the SUV easily and sensibly. The Interstate had cut
through several of the horse breeding farms but the rolling bluegrass framed
by miles of white fence slipped by on either side of the concrete ribbon as
if there had never been a disturbance. Lexington was a short 20 miles from
Louisville and the bluegrass preteen fuck incest seemed to flow almost to the city limits before
being replaced by sexy preteens teens building and citi hot preteens homes. Mark slowed a hot preteen boards little when Churchill
Downs came up on our left its white buildings and grandstand gleaming in the
brilliant sunlight. It was only a few more minutes after we left it behind
that we were pulling into the drive of the Holiday Inn-Louisville.A young teenaged boy trotted out as we pulled up and Mark stopped under the
canopy. Reaching for the door handle and opening the door with a cheerful,
"Welcome preteen lolta underground
to the Holiday Inn-Louisville.""That's a boy Uncle Lee." Mark whispered in my ear."And not much younger boy preteen xxx then you, if he is." I said grinning at him."I preteen nn sex wonder if he uses the Spa in the Atrium?""If you are thinking about finding out Sport, Calvin might have nasty preteen sluts something to
say about that or have you forgotten about him?""Calvin, is he here Uncle Lee?" Mark said excitedly."We will see him later but that gives you time if you feel like a old preteen pics hot soak."
I said teasingly, shifting away from Mark's playful punch. * * * * * * * * *Glancing through the front doors, Terrance Thompson sees the dark blue
almost black SUV driving up under the canopy and Ted the parking valet
opening the door. "Mr. Michaels and his nephew are here Victor. Are their
rooms ready?""You know they are Terry, you've checked yourself at least three times since
Mr. Woolford called.""Yes, yes, I have haven't I? Was the bar and refrigerator taken preteen paradis care of? Mr.
Michaels likes Cheves Regal."
"All done like you ordered. Paul took black preteens models care of it himself.""Damn, why am I so nervous?""You wouldn't want me to answer that question here Terry, why don't you russian preteen suck
meet them?" Victor says with a twinkle in his eye. "Ted will take care of
the luggage."Thompson glanced at Victor wickedly, "You can tell me later at home." He
said over his shoulder walking towards the doors."Mr. Michaels." He said extending his hand as Lee got out of the SUV. "We've
been looking forward too your arrival since Mr. Woolford called, how are you
and your nephew?"'Hi Terry, nude preteen japaness good seeing you again." Lee said shaking Thompson's hand firmly.
"Uncle Bill said we have the same rooms.""You do. We have done a little redecorating since you were here. I think you
will like it. Mr. Woolford and Mr. Effingham have contracted for major
renovations." He said and noticed Mark helping unload the luggage. "Ted will
take care of that Mark.""Oh, I don't mind helping him out." Mark said grinning.""I bet you don't Mark. Come on inside with Mr. Thompson and I, I could use a
drink after that harrowing drive down.""Harrowing drive, what do you mean Uncle Lee? I didn't break any speed
limits.""No but the closer we got too Louisville, the heavier your foot seemed to
get. Is Paul in the lounge Terry?""I believe he his Lee but the bar in your lollita preteen sex
rooms is stocked.""Bar in the room Uncle Lee? There wasn't any bar there before." Mark said a
bit surprised."I think Terry is telling us it has been added with the redecorating of the
rooms." I said, completing the registration form and spinning it around too
the young man preteens ass fuck behind the front desk. "Victor isn't it? How have you been?""Better since you were here before Mr. Michaels. How have you and Mark
been?"Hearing his name, Mark turned looking at Victor and the movie preteens
things Calvin told
him about him flashed through his mind as he heard his uncle answer. Victor
looked different out of his green preteen preteen tgp and gold uniform. His blond hair was cut
short and gleamed under the overhead lights. His blue eyes sparkled as he
gazed unflinchingly into his with a light smile on his face. He was wearing
a light almost mint green shirt, a dark forest green tie and a dark gold
blazer uncensored preteen biz with the Holiday Inn crest embroidered on the breast pocket. He felt
a light tingling in his groin as they looked at each other."We met the evening I served dinner for your uncle, Calvin and you.
Remember.""Yes. I do now." Mark said quietly their preteens boobs pic
eyes still locked. "You look a
little differently now though."Thompson overheard the exchange preteen nude org and turned around, "Victor replaced Greta at
the front desk when she went back too school.""And I bet doing a fine job. Mark you want a soda with me or are you going
too the preteens pics cam
room?" I said."I'll have a soda with you Uncle Lee and then get our things unpacked. See
you later Victor?""I'm on the day shift all weekend. Mr. Thompson if you're going to join Mr.
Michaels, there are a couple of reservations I need to go russian preteen thumb over with you
first.""Take care of that first Terry and then join us.""It'll take just a few minutes Lee. Order me a scotch neat please. Paul
knows what I drink." * * * * * * * * *"Take you time Terry, no rush." I said as Mark and I walked too the lounge,
Mark looking back over his shoulder briefly."I don't remember him looking like that Uncle Lee.""Who." I said teasingly preteens pornography
smiling."Victor behind the desk. He's awesome.""Clothes do make a difference as well as the environment. That young boy
Ted, preteen shocking forbidden you noticed as we drove up looked pretty good if I remember your
comments.""Yeah but Victor is different.""Aren't we all?" I said walking too the bar. Paul was standing fucked preteens with his back
to us."Two scotches please. One neat and one on the rocks." I ordered."Yes sir." Paul said turning and seeing Lee and Mark his face lit up."Lee." He said excitedly extending his hand over the bar. "I heard you were
coming in. Damn it's good to see you.""You to Paul. I don't russian preteen binaries think you've met my nephew Mark. Mark, preteen vera
Paul Prescott.
""Haven't met him but remember seeing him when you were here before. Nice
meeting you Mark, your uncle has told me about you.""All good I hope Mr. nude preteens contest
Prescott. Could I have a ginger ale please?""Of course you may and call me Paul. Sitting at the bar or a table Lee?""At a table Paul, Thompson is joining us. There have been a few changes made
from the looks of things." I said as Mark moved off too a table."Lots of changes since you were here, what, three weeks ago? They are doing
a complete remodel. I'll bring these too animated preteen your table." He said leaning over
the bar slightly and whispering. "He looks just like you Lee, a knockout. I
can see why you love him.""Thanks Paul. Will I meet your brother while we are here?""Eric and I are working split shifts, he's working here now. He comes on at
6PM until 2AM. I've been working with him until 10 and then I'm off. We
haven't hired another bartender yet and I've been working the 10AM preteen nymphet art
10PM shift until we find another one. It's a little rough but Thompson has
been preteen sex trailer working with us until we find someone. Terry's a nice guy, I like him."
Paul said starting to pick up the tray. "If you come in later you will meet
him.""Mark and preteen nude twelve I are having dinner with William this evening. I'm not sure what
he has preteen celebrity planned. Have you pedo preteens free
used room 110 lately?" I asked softly."Not since I was there last with someone special. I would like to, would
you?""If there is no problem? preteen girls masterbation I would very much after you get off tomorrow night.
I should be able to drop in for a drink and meet Eric then.""What about your nephew?""If I'm not badly mistaken Mark will be occupied." I said glancing over at
him sitting at topless preteen galleries the table gazing through the lounge doors."There are a lot preteens images samples of damn fools walking around if he isn't but I have a preteen body painting hunch
who he might be occupied with. I'll bring your drinks as soon as I get this
guy at the end of the bar." Paul said moving away. * * thai preteen s * * * * * * *Mark sat gazing through the lounge doors as if in a dream. Victor was
working at the front desk but I didn't get the feeling he was the one Mark
was thinking about as I went to join him. Placing my hand on his shoulder I
said "Penny for your thoughts Sport."Looking up, hot preteen little
Mark said wistfully, "I was thinking about Calvin Uncle Lee. I
was thinking about him preteen gallery wet
and his mother and wondering how she is. How long did
Uncle Bill say Calvin's mother had?"It amazed me for a moment when Mark asked the question about Calvin's
mother. A few minutes earlier he had been admiring a good-looking young man
and russain preteen models then hidden preteen gallery
he is concerned with Calvin's teen preteen
mother."I'm not sure he said Sport. I'm sure she is being well nudepreteen top list taken care of though
and Calvin has William and Charles preteen nip slip
supporting him.""It's strange Uncle Lee. I don't know what I would do if sweet angels preteen someone told me
that Mom only had a short time to live, I really topless preteenmodels don't. When Uncle Bill told
him about his mother, Calvin was really upset but after awhile he calmed
down as we talked about it.
I really felt good being there for him and letting him know how much I loved
him. Maybe you thought I was being silly when I said what I did about Victor
and that other boy, but Calvin really means a lot preteen fucking porn
too me.""No Sport, you're growing up. Calvin needed you and you were there for him.
Admiring Victor is natural. I would have been surprised if you or anyone
else didn't; he is an attractive young man. As for loving Calvin, you fell
in love with him the first time you met, he is kind of special.""Two drinks, scotch on the rocks and a ginger ale." Paul said. "Lee, Terry
called on the preteen college intercom and asked me to give you his young preteen ukraine
apologies and could he
have a rain check. He said something about a convention.""Thanks Paul."Finishing our drinks, Mark and I were leaving the lounge when Victor walked
up. "Mr. Michaels, Mr. Woolford called while you were in the lounge. I was
going to transfer the call but he asked that you call him.""Thanks Victor, I'll nude ileagle preteens call him from the room.""Yeah Uncle Lee, he was checking me out alright." Mark said as we walked
down the hallway. "He didn't take his eyes off of you.""He was talking with me preteen underage young Sport, you usually look at the person your talking
with." I said opening the door too our room."Ugh huh, sure you do. preteen sex moovie I always look at your face not your crotch.""You little imp." I said reaching for him but he dodged away. "If you
weren't so big I'd spank your bottom for you.""You mean you might try don't you?" He said standing a couple of arms
lengths away his eyes flashing. Pulling his shirt over his head and tossing
it aside, he stood with his legs spread his magnificent chest heaving with
excitement. "Like to try spanking me Unc?"He preteens suck cock
was beautiful standing in front of me his smooth muscled arms akimbo in a
wrestlers stance, eyes gleaming and a playful smile on his face. His mood
had changed."I think that ginger ale must have gone too your head Sport." I said
advancing as he backed up glancing quickly over his shoulder preteenorgy for preteen models artphotos
the doorway
too preteen japanese bbs the bedroom."And the scotch probably slowed you down a little." He said grinning and
unsnapping his jeans, pulling the zipper down as I took preteen little nude off my shirt.Watching Mark undress as he backed away was exciting and the blood rushed
through my veins at the sight of his smooth muscled gleaming body and his
thick cock springing free, steel hard. Slowly advancing preteens porno illegal towards him I kicked
my loafers off and unzipped my slacks just as he backed into the bed falling
backwards his jeans down around his knees.Stripping my slacks off, neither one of us had briefs on, I yahoo preteens briefcases fell forward
covering his heaving chest with mine grinding the steel hard length of my
throbbing cock against his. He resisted for preteens child erotic
a moment and I pinned his arms
over his head looking into his gleaming eyes, golden preteen panty clips flecks flashing.His muscles flexed and rippled as he tried flipping me off of him, his
breathing quickening with the effort when suddenly he relaxed breathing
fast, smiling up at me."No fair Uncle Lee, you didn't let me get my jeans and sneakers off."Rolling off too the side I took my socks off while Mark untied his sneakers
and fell backwards kicking his jeans from his legs and jumped up running to
the other side of the bed. He stood there looking at me, his chest heaving,
his golden body gleaming in the light from the sheen of sweat we preteen model blowjobs had worked
up."Greco style Uncle Lee." He exclaimed laughing, jumping vintage preteen free in the middle of the
bed pussy preteen gallery on his knees his thick rod quivering hot preteen strip like a javelin jutting from its
thick nest preteens teens cuties
of golden hair.We wrestled for several minutes grunting, groaning both of us breathing
hard, sweat pouring over us, hard muscled bodies straining. Mark could
probably have horny preteen russian pinned me if he really tried but 10yo nude preteens this was another part of his
makeup, playing. He loved the intimate contact and enjoyed the feel of his
body against hard flesh. His muscles would flex and bulge as he grappled
with me and I felt preteen horny pussies
the power flowing through him. The thought flashed
through my mind, "God help the man that ever tried taking him if he didn't
want to be."Suddenly as we were straining against each other he went limp as a rag doll
and pulled me down on top of him holding my body against his in a vice like
grip. His light brown hair was dark with sweat and his eyes blazed with
desire and preteen bikini softcore lust."Make love too me Uncle Lee, take me." He whispered huskily his chest
heaving.His mood changed from competitor too lover and his muscles relaxed. His lips
tasted salty from sweat and his tongue was like a hot rapier dodging and
twisting around mine. He ground his hips svensplace pre teen gently against mine as we kissed;
his fingers preteen nude lessons floating over me like the wings of preteen porn gallaries
a bird sending sharp electric
tingling bursts xxx 16 preteen shooting through every preteen peach nude
nerve in my body.It was as if a soft euphoric mist descending over us and I lifted preteen n photos up on my
arms looking down on Mark. He smiled softly and his eyes were like portals
filled with an inner love that radiated from their depths. "Take me Uncle
Lee." He whimpered softly.Leaning back slightly, I lifted his legs over my shoulders. Leaning forward
my cock touching the entrance too his inner self, I spit in my hand and
mixed the saliva with the thick pre-cum flowing from my cockhead. I resisted
the urge to free preteen cameltoe
impale pre teens undressing his body, angel preteen sluts feeling my muscles slowly relaxing. preteen cartoon images My weight
slowly drove my thick throbbing rod deep into the volcanic heat of his
bowels and Mark moaned in a low whisper, "Yesss, oh yessss."We made love too each other in slow soft consuming waves riding the feelings
of pics preteens models
ecstasy to the heights of the joy of lovers devouring, needing and loving
each other. Mark's seed burst forth gushing like hot magma from the depths
of his loins covering his chest and he groaned thrashing driving his hips
upwards his sphincter muscle gripping, squeezing and my cock swelled jerking
hot sperm rushing upwards through my cock flooding his bowels like hot bolts
of porno preteens girls lightening exploding and filling us both.Making love too preteen bikini girls
Mark was making love too my companion, my alter ego, my
life. We renewed the bond, that connection between us that grew stronger xxx preteen samples
we rested in each other's arms. A soft afterglow of feelings flowed between
Mark and I and I whispered in his ear, "I love you Sport, I don't know what
I would do without you."Nibbling on the lobe of my ear gently and kissing me, he said softly, "No
one or nothing can ever come between us Uncle Lee. I can't really explain
how I feel when we make love. It's like what Uncle Bill said, with someone
else it is sex with some feeling or you wouldn't have sex with them. Between
you and me it is a love between two spirits, a love that only we can feel.
When you enter me and I enter you it is like we are joining each other. It's
not me fucking you or preteen boy pee you fucking me, it's me giving the only preteen pretty models thing I have
that I can give you, me. Not just for a little while, but for always and I
can feel it from preteen model adult you. It's silly I guess, but sometimes I preteen miniskirt pictures feel like a little
boy, the little boy that sat in your lap and never wanted you to let go.""Uncle Bill is pretty wise Sport but you just summed it all up. I sometimes
wonder if I'll ever really know all there is too know about you. You keep on
surprising me."Giggling his little boy giggle Mark run his finger over and around my chest
muscles, "you've only known me 17 years Uncle Lee.""Yes but you know more then I did at 17. I've got to call Uncle Bill and
then we better get cleaned up, preteen virgin porn
you're just a little messy. How about you get
the shower ready while I call?" * * * * * * * * *The phone rang as we were getting out of bed.
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