Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) course covers requirements architecture, networking, communications and security technologies and standards. Important topics  such as architecture, provisioning, cyber-security, regulatory requirements, and the industry technology framework are discussed.

The issues and technologies in this class apply to related industries such as utilities and petroleum. The goal of this class it to provide students with the tools to choose and plan, design SCADA technologies for the smart grid and other utilities.

PLC or programmable Logic controller-supervisory control and data acquisition are discussed as these systems typically controls an entire industrial system such as a solar plant system, wind plant system, oil and gas, an waste water treatment plant.

Learn more about:

  • SCADA architecture and components
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
  • Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Logic Control (PLC) and PLC Ladder Programming, Programming a CPM Series PLC, Using PLC numbering Binary/Hex/BCD
  • SCADA Security: Learn the skills required to plan, direct, operate and manage the cyber security protection for SCADA.
  • Design a SCADA Security Policy
  • Modbus/TCP network and firewall